Are building regulations enforceable after 10 years?

Are building regulations enforceable after 10 years?

Decree 1077 of 2015

The recognition of buildings by the urban curator or the municipal or district authority competent to issue construction licenses, shall proceed with respect to architectural developments that were executed without obtaining the respective license.

PARAGRAPH 2. The acts of recognition shall establish, if applicable, the authorization for the structural reinforcement of the building to the seismic resistance standards applicable to them under the terms of Law 400 of 1997 and the Colombian Seismic Resistant Construction Regulation -NSR- 10, or the standards that add, modify or replace them.

PARAGRAPH 3. The constructions declared National Monuments and the properties of cultural interest of the municipal, district, departmental or national scope, will be understood to be recognized with the issuance of the administrative act that declares them. In these cases, the processing of urban development license applications shall be subject to the provisions of this decree.

Situations in which the recognition of buildings is not applicable. In accordance with Law 1848 of 2017, the recognition of buildings or the part of them that are located in:

Construction regulations pdf

Abstract: For the development of a construction work it is necessary to know the different regulations that must be taken into account. In 2015, the national Government compiled a large number of decrees to unify in a single standard the different aspects.

In May 2015, the national Government compiled a large number of decrees to unify in a single standard the different aspects of a sector of the economy, usually headed by a Ministry.

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It has the advantage of having in a single document the norms of the sector, but its great extension makes it unmanageable because it contains more than 1200 articles, more than 800 pages and regulates too many laws.

This standard compiles decrees that regulate the aspects of urban planning and construction licenses for any project that includes buildings in the country and details other criteria. Some of the requirements to be considered are:

Responsibility clarification note: The observations contained in this document are of an informative nature and should be applied and/or evaluated by the builder or user only in case they are considered pertinent. Therefore, these observations do not commit Argos, its subsidiaries or its subordinates.

Municipal building regulations

2.2 The requirements established in this Law and its regulations apply nationwide. The administrative delay in the processing of the file does not authorize the applicant to be required to update the documentation that was presented on the date the file was submitted to the respective municipality.

a. a. Principle of Unity – The regulations issued as from the present Law must be consistent with the legal system, in such a way that the regulations that comprise it are integrated harmoniously avoiding contradictions.

d. Principle of Subordination – In the procedures of urban habilitation and building, the general interest shall prevail over the particular interest, in order to achieve a harmonious urban development.

The procedures established in the present Law, with the exception of the ex officio urban habilitation procedure, are subject to the positive administrative silence, regulated by Law 29060, Law of Administrative Silence.

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b. Executed Urban Qualification: That which has been executed without the respective license prior to the entry into force of this Law. Its approval is made in the process of regularization of executed urban habilitations and, if applicable, the reception of the works.

Construction regulations guatemala pdf

The Ministry of Housing, City and Territory will define the criteria for the distribution of resources, which will include a minimum percentage of 20% for municipalities in categories 4, 5 and 6. However, if once the inventory of properties presented for the implementation of priority interest housing projects in these territorial entities has been compiled, within the period established by the National Housing Fund, it is not possible to commit the resources allocated, partially or totally, the same may be used in the other municipalities of the country, according to the distribution made by the Fund itself.

In the Departments of Amazonas, Guainía, San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina; Putumayo, Chocó, Vaupés and Vichada, Priority Interest Housing may exceed the value of 70 SMLMV, taking into account the costs of construction materials and their transportation, in accordance with the regulations and prior approval of the Ministry.

The beneficiaries of free housing, as a subsidy in kind, will be those who meet the prioritization and targeting criteria defined by the National Government. The allocation will preferentially benefit the population that meets any of the following conditions:

Are building regulations enforceable after 10 years?
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