Can I board my dog for 3 months?

Where can I leave my dog on vacation

The exercise of the dogs at playtime is done in groups, mainly by character, separated in the different areas of our grounds, although some dogs, due to their advanced age, health condition or sociability problems, are more comfortable when there are no other dogs in the same exercise area.

Our facilities are thoroughly cleaned once a day with disinfectant products that are not harmful to our guests, and checked throughout the day, so that our facilities are maintained throughout the day in an optimal state of hygiene and sanitation.

Dogs must bring their vaccination card. All vaccinations must be up to date, including “kennel cough. All resident dogs must be dewormed for worms at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.

If your pet is not in this condition, we will proceed, prior communication to its owner to its external deworming. The owner will pay the amount of the deworming “pipette” applied at the exit of the center.


My dogs are happy and love Paula, the dog sitter in charge. I have peace of mind when I leave them. My dog has renal insufficiency and, due to a work trip, I had to leave her after a crisis and when I came back she was fine.

We are very happy with the facilities and the staff and above all how calm they come out of there. Whenever we travel in that area or even if we have to make a detour we prefer to leave them here. Thanks to the workers at the center.

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I am happy to be able to leave my Athor with you, apart from being able to see the photos you send, my dog was happy and above all clean, which is the first thing you notice and his coat was still shining, thanks to the whole team at Granja la Luna.

At Granja la Luna we take care of many different types of pets, and we always want all the animals to feel as comfortable as possible. Animals feel at ease when they know the other animals around them and get along well with them; for this reason, if you have several pets of the same species and you want them to stay with us, they can sleep together in the same cage, play together and walk together. Also, if you bring more than one pet of the same species, we will offer you a discount.

Where can I leave my dog to be taken care of?

This is a convenient option if you are going to be away for a few days. You can leave the house keys with a friend or relative with whom you have a close relationship, or with several of them so that they can take turns. If it is a dog, ideally they should go 2 to 3 times a day to take it out, cuddle it and give it food and water. If it is a cat, once a day would be enough. And, if you have a bird or rodent, they could go every other day or so.

If your pet doesn’t like to be left alone at home or if your parents are happy to have it with them for a few days, it can be a good idea. You can take the animal to your temporary home along with all its belongings (food bowls, bed, food bag, toys…) and let it stay there while you are away, just write down all the needs and habits of your furry friend. This plan is better if the animal knows the people in the house, so it will feel much more comfortable.

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Some veterinarians offer the possibility of taking care of pets for a few days. Before choosing this option, you should check the conditions in which your pet will be kept because, as a veterinarian is not designed to function in the same way as a residence, they are often placed in cages or very small spaces. Therefore, if the animals are going to be uncomfortable, it would be better to discard this option and go for one of the previous ones.

Dog sitters for months

Before I accepted the application, Olga asked me all possible details, we talked a lot, – it is a mark of quality and responsibility for me. We have received photos every day. The place is in the countryside, with a lot of security. And they are also trainers, my dog didn’t adopt bad manners, he wasn’t stressed either. They made everything very-very professional and my dog came back more sociable than before! Thank you very much!”Javier and Lorena – Dog walking and boarding in Madrid5.0 (91 Ratings)Madrid46 Returning usersCalendar updated “They are perfect and very available! Thank you very much “Valery – Dog sitter in Azuqueca 5.0 (91 ratings)Azuqueca de Henares15 Returning users “It was the first time we left our pet…and the truth is that it has been a success!!! At all times Valery and Diego, have taken care of him as if he were theirs … and the best thing is that he has gotten along great with his dog. Thanks for the advice and the tranquility that you have transmitted to us.

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Can I board my dog for 3 months?
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