Can I check my carry-on bag for free?

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IMPORTANT NOTICEWith your safety in mind and in order to reduce the number of movements on the plane, we recommend that you check in your cabin baggage at our check-in counters free of charge and enter the plane only with your personal accessory (handbag or briefcase).

Location of hand luggage on board Remember that for your personal accessory to travel with you in the aircraft cabin, it must comply with the permitted dimensions (max 40 x 30x 15cm) and must always be placed under the seat in front of you.

IB8XXX flights operated by Air Nostrum: you can carry a piece of luggage of 8 kg maximum with dimensions not exceeding 45x35x20cm. Baggage that does not comply with these regulations will be removed at the boarding gate and will be delivered in the same place upon arrival at the destination airport.

At the boarding gate, hand luggage (or accessory) that does not comply with these regulations, i.e., that exceeds the quantity and/or measurements indicated above, will be removed and loaded in the hold of the aircraft, with an additional cost per bag per trip.

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AIR FRANCE Short-haul flights: 25 euros per bag one way, long-haul: 1 bag of 23 kg free of charge Short-haul flights: 40 euros per bag one way, long-haul: 1 bag of 23 kg free of charge

KLM Short-haul flights: 25 per bag one way, long-haul: 1 free 23 kg bag free Short-haul flights: 40 per bag one way, long-haul: 1 free 23 kg bag 23 free

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*The data collected is subject to change at any time. The information compiled in the table corresponds to the basic fares of the main airlines. Conditions may be different in other classes.

*Date of publication: [July 2018]. All prices are lowest price estimates only and are subject to change. Costs may change if you book with an online travel agency or directly with the airline. Always refer to the applicable terms and conditions for all up-to-date information.

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Remember that if your airline accepts certain ambiguous items as carry-on baggage, they may not be allowed in the security area at subsequent security checks, or vice versa.

Liquid medications are exempt from the restrictions affecting the carriage of liquids in carry-on baggage, provided that their use is required by the passenger for the duration of the trip and its extension: outbound flight + stay + return flight.

Although the liquid regulations do not apply in this case, liquid medications must also be shown at the security checkpoint, and presented separately from the transparent bag required for the transport of other liquids.

If you are transporting firearms, you must go to the Airport Weapons Intervention at the airport of departure to obtain the necessary authorization for the trip. The firearms must be packed in a suitable case and will be returned to you at the Airport Weapons Intervention at the airport of destination.

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In order to avoid waiting in line at the check-in counters at the airport, part of this process can be done in advance via the Internet, the so-called online check-in or online check-in.

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If the passenger is traveling with carry-on baggage only, he/she does not need to go through the baggage check-in process, he/she can check-in online and go directly to the airline’s baggage drop-off counter, if there is one. This drop-off counter allows those who have already checked in to obtain their boarding pass.

If traveling with baggage, it must comply with security regulations and anything that cannot be checked in as carry-on baggage must be checked into the hold of the aircraft, and the passenger must follow the check-in process.

The check-in process consists of presenting yourself at the counter with your ID and/or passport, your baggage and your flight ticket. You may bring the printed ticket if it is an electronic ticket, or provide the employee with the ticket locator. For international flights to countries that require it, you must also present the entry visa and/or other requirements of the destination country.

Can I check my carry-on bag for free?
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