Can I pay tuition fees monthly?

How many times the tuition fee is paid at the university.

The answers to the questions are indicative. Remember that you can consult in person at the corresponding offices or through the different e-mail addresses indicated for your particular case.

The annual cost for undergraduate courses is divided into 11 monthly installments payable from February to December, in addition to the annual tuition. For graduate courses it is divided into 10 monthly installments payable from March to December and two tuition fees (one in each semester). The general due date for monthly fees is from the 1st to the 10th of each month. Remember that if you pay by the 5th of each month, there is a 3% discount for early payment.

Yes, it is paid, according to the current resolution of Miscellaneous Fees. The cost includes a certificate of degree in process. It starts at each Academic Unit where you will be informed of the documentation to be submitted. And there the process will begin.

You can check the expiration notice from the student services portal (academic management); or also by entering your academic e-mail where you will find the expiration notice (the information refers to the date of issuance of the same).

How often the duoc fee is paid

30% of the amount of the enrolled credits, plus the total of the obligatory and optional administrative fees, can be charged to your bank account from the same day you formalize your enrollment. Another 30% will be charged to your bank account from November 15th and the remaining 40% from December 20th.

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Failure to pay part or all of the registration fee has consequences. It will result in the financial delinquency status of the file, and when you make the payment you will have to pay the fees and surcharges for non-payment approved by the Social Council.

What happens if I don’t pay my monthly college tuition?

It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the direct debit account is operational, that the direct debit is authorized for this academic year and that the bank has made the payment of the tuition, given the consequences of non-payment established in the tuition regulations.

To be eligible for this payment method, the amount of the registration credits or the amount corresponding to the direction, supervision and evaluation of the doctoral thesis must be equal to or greater than 300 €.

100% of the amount of the academic record management, also the price of the school insurance, if applicable, of the specific services and learning support and the amount of the other contracted university services.

100% of the amount of the academic record management, also the price of the school insurance, if applicable, of the specific and learning support services and the amount of the other university services contracted.

The fee is paid monthly or annually

In those cases in which the account holder is not the student and/or proxy (third party checks), a photocopy of the current account holder’s C.I. must be attached and the checks must be made payable to the proxy, who must endorse it in the name of Universidad Central. The document will be authorized after review of commercial background.

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Monthly Charge on Credit Card (PAT): In this case, the authorized person and/or credit card holder subscribes a mandate, accepting to pay the annual fee in monthly installments charged to his/her credit card.

Coupon Promissory Note: With this method, the authorized person subscribes a document (promissory note) for the total annual tuition fee agreed upon in monthly installments. By using this method of payment, the student and/or parent may make the corresponding monthly payments at the collecting banks.

Can I pay tuition fees monthly?
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