Can I refuse to sell my house to someone I dont like?

Can I refuse to sell my house to someone I dont like?

I can be forced to sell my house

If the real estate company never delivers or finishes the house, you have the right to demand the reimbursement of the money paid, plus a compensation for damages represented by the fine agreed in the promise of sale.

In case the company desists and does not indemnify you, it is important that you know that the General Law of Urbanism and Constructions establishes that the contract must include an insurance policy or bank slip, which the buyer can make effective if it is breached for reasons that affect the real estate project.

As we can see, the promise of sale is one of the necessary steps in the purchase of an apartment, so it is essential to be informed about the consequences of an eventual regret and therefore our advice is that you get professional advice before signing this type of document.

Revoke real estate sale authorization

You have just seen what you think will be the house of your life. Spacious, luminous… What they say, perfect for you and your family. You know you want to buy that house, but you still have to close some details to get the financing, and you are afraid that another potential buyer will take away that house you like so much. What can you do so that the seller reserves it for you without problems and with guarantees? Well, sign something as simple as a Deposit Agreement.

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Actually, and to clarify the subject, the so-called Contrato de Arras is a pre-contract in which the obligation to sign a contract of sale of a property is put in writing. Put this way, it sounds easy and fast, but as in everything, it is necessary to leave everything tied up and very tied up to avoid that problems arise in the future. Therefore, it is best to leave everything well specified without leaving anything to chance, detailing what has been agreed by both parties.

As we have already seen, this contract is signed between the property owner and the future buyer. But, what happens when the property is going to be bought by a couple? In case the couple that wishes to make the purchase is a married couple in community of property regime, it will be enough that one of the two members of the couple signs, making clear that he/she signs in representation of the marriage.

What happens if the seller of a house regrets it?

Specific conditions: These conditions are the ones that can be chosen freely, as long as the Principle of Equality is respected by the owner of the establishment and approved by the competent city council.    One of the most common limitations in these cases is the obligation to wear a certain label or footwear, as long as it is not required to wear a certain brand.

It may happen that the owner does not allow you to enter the premises even if you comply with the specific and general requirements. Well, if that is your case, do not worry, you can follow the steps below or contact a lawyer specialized in consumer protection. In these cases, you must avoid at all costs a confrontation situation, which is the usual, it is advisable to call the local police to take action in the matter, in addition to requesting the complaint form of the local, not being a customer of the same to make use of them. Likewise, once the complaint form has been filled out, a complaint should be filed with the OCU.

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It is possible to sell 50% of a house

To enforce this right, the consumer must present the receipt or invoice, or any other document that proves the purchase, such as a credit card voucher or account statement if he/she is a customer of the multistore.

You have a period of three months since you purchased the product to claim and request compensation from the seller, importer or manufacturer, as long as it is not due to a fault caused by you (carelessness or misuse). Food or perishable products are guaranteed for the period indicated on the package or a maximum of 7 days. This is an automatic guarantee provided by law. If you purchased with a warranty policy, the one that extends the longest will apply.

However, contracts may not contain abusive clauses, such as those in which the company dissociates itself in advance from its responsibility in case of non-compliance. Nor can they contain clauses in which one of the parties can change the conditions.

Only when you have made a purchase over the Internet or when the seller has summoned you to a meeting and you have signed the contract at that very moment (for example, in timeshare sales events), you can unilaterally terminate the contract up to ten days after you have signed it or since you have received the product.

Can I refuse to sell my house to someone I dont like?
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