Can I submit my own drawings for planning permission?

Can I submit my own drawings for planning permission?

Caricatures without copyright

As a general rule, for images (photographs, diagrams, drawings, graphs, maps…) we must take into account the copyright. In addition, in the case of photographs with people in them, the image rights and protection of the personal data of the person photographed must be taken into account.

If the photographed person/s is/are recognized, their express and unequivocal consent is required to upload, exhibit or share their photograph/s. It is not required if the person(s) is/are not recognized in the photograph(s).

Access to more than 190 million free images with Creative Commons licenses, from many different sources or free image banks. It also has a plugin to insert visual content into WordPress.

How to get the rights to a character

If you take care to inform yourself about what is right, instead of worrying about it, you won’t be left wondering to what extent you have done it right or wrong. This way you will erase, once and for all, that “Jiminy Cricket” that whispers in your ear: am I doing everything right on my blog, will someone claim me for using their image without authorization, am I using safe images, am I using safe images?

Throughout this post we will go through a conceptual path that will allow you to clarify many of your questions and you will get more tools to provide, day after day, a more professional image to your users.

The Law thus protects authors by the mere fact of creation and grants them exclusive rights on the use, disposition and exploitation of the work, provided that the limitations set to the right of exploitation in the Law are respected.

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Before explaining some of the existing types of licenses, it is essential to understand what a license is. A license is the set of rules that determine how and under what conditions a person authorizes his work to be exploited.

How to copyright an image

Legislation does not usually contain an exhaustive list of works protected by copyright. However, in general terms, works commonly protected by copyright around the world include the following:

Copyright protection covers only expressions, but not ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts per se. Copyright may or may not cover elements such as titles, slogans or logos, depending on whether the authorship of the work is sufficient.

In most cases, copyright law stipulates that the owner of the rights has the economic right to authorize or prevent certain uses of the work or, in some cases, to receive remuneration for the use of the work (e.g., through collective management). The holder of economic rights in a work may prohibit or authorize:

Examples of universally recognized moral rights include the right to claim authorship of the work and the right to oppose any modification of the work that may harm the reputation of the creator.

Registering a character copyright

As a general rule, using images of real or fictitious characters for profit, is usually limited by intellectual property rights, image and other rights of the owners. But there are LIMITATIONS, and the one that will give you more security in most cases, will be the Caricature and Parody in your creations.

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In the box above you will see the contents of this page. It includes 3 videos in which I explain how copyright works and expand the information on the page. Also, at the end you will find other related posts that will reinforce the information you need.”

In this page I explain how copyright works in caricatures, how the rights of third parties (authors, owners, producers, etc.) should be respected and what you should know if you want to create your own product based on other people’s ideas (as it would be the inspiration in images or known characters).

About the possibility of using the image of real or fictitious characters, from series, movies, singers, etc. Talking about Copyright in CARICATURES, to make caricatures, parodies, montages, etc.

Can I submit my own drawings for planning permission?
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