Can you camp in your RV in Yosemite?

Motorhome routes usa

I had a flat tire on the higway that goes from Los Angeles to San Francisco and I was lucky that we were with other people, because my spare tire was useless. Besides waiting more than 6 hours for them to come and change it, you can’t do it yourself, you need pneumatic jacks.

Jinja, I suppose that you make the trip in motorhome because you like it, don’t you? I say it because otherwise it is much cheaper to go by car and motels. ALli is not so much the tourism in motorhome as here in Europe, besides the penalty for returning it on the other coast must be brutal, if for a car is 500$ for a motorhome I don’t think it will be less than 1000$.

I would like you to answer me to this question? I am going to travel 15 days to the West Coast and obviously I have decided to make the trip on my own. My primary idea was to rent a motorhome because like the snail you carry the house on your back. But as always there are pros and cons.

This summer (July or August) we want to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton with my husband and my little boy!!!! I am thinking that the best option would be to rent a motorhome to be able to cook for my little one. I’m looking for price information on the internet but I can’t find almost anything.

Motorhome parking facilities

Most parks have reopened, although each one has its own management and may not even have closed. Also as a new feature, the most popular parks require from 2021 onwards a peak season ticket sales only in advance.

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Until the arrival of the pandemic, access to most parks was quite simple. You simply had to arrive and present your Annual Pass (detailed information in this post) which allowed you to access the government parks at a very good price if you made a route through several or pay individual fees at each park for vehicle access.

For the peak season in 2022 access to the most popular natural parks is controlled and requires an extra ticket (Ticketed Entry) that must be purchased on the website (you won’t be able to buy it on site). If you have the Annual Pass you will also have to buy this special ticket and indicate that you are the holder for the discount. If you have not reserved this Ticketed Entry in advance, your entrance to the park will be denied even if you have the Annual Pass.

West Coast by motorhome

I am leaving in September to tour the West Coast as well. I will take notes! We have taken a 7 seater multivan because a motorhome was too expensive for us (we are 5 people) But the idea is to travel as cheaply as possible! I follow you. Very cool pictures! GREETINGS!

Quote from: DanYMar on August 21, 2015, 23:55:46 pm I’m leaving in September to tour the west coast as well. I will take notes!!! We have taken a 7 seater multivan because a camper was going out of our price range (we are 5 people) But the idea is to be able to travel as cheaply as possible! I follow you. Very cool pictures! If it is not too much to ask how much is a camper per day? where do you rent them? Is the free camper is allowed or you have to go to Camping if or if? Thank you…

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In the state of California, we read that it was not allowed to stay overnight, moreover, almost all the places where we stopped had no parking signs from 21:00 to 6:00. It is also necessary to say that we did not leave the most touristy areas, if you get into less touristy places it is a different story.I do not know how it will be in other states, but we to avoid having to look for places to spend the night we took all the campsites reserved from here, and thank goodness, because they were all full.Inside the national parks forget it, it is not allowed to camp outside the campgroundsTo us the motorhome cost us 2300 euros for 21 days. We paid it on the day that the euro became minimum, in October, when we booked it was just over 2000, but it was not paid until May.

Camping in yosemite

Be aware that you can’t just stay overnight for free in any place, as it happens in other places. Here you have to pay at a campsite or you risk a fine, although honestly it would be bad luck and it is rare to get caught. But here’s a tip: in the parking lots of the Wallmart supermarket chain in many cities they do let you spend the night for free as long as you are respectful, don’t make noise using the generator and leave very early.

So that you do not say that you are missing data to make more calculations, I also give you the expenditure in supermarket where we bought groceries for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day without depriving us of beers, soft drinks, various snacks, as well as meat for barbecues (you will make many barbecues, I warn you). The average was about 26€ per day for three people, that is to say a little more than 8€ per head per day. I doubt that it will be so cheap to have three meals a day in a restaurant and of course, you will eat much healthier.

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And even if you pay vehicle insurance, personal health is another thing and we already know that in the USA it is better to travel with insurance. We took the Iati Estrella and with your discount we got 222 euros for 3 people and for two weeks (We leave here the discount for health insurance for USA).

Can you camp in your RV in Yosemite?
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