Can you live on a boat in a marina UK?

Can you live on a boat in a marina UK?

Disadvantages of living on a boat

Used Beneteau Flyer 5.5 SunDeck, in good condition, maintenance always carried out by Hermanos Guasch, official Beneteau dealer. This DayBoat shows a sporty silhouette that stands out for its profiled side pillars.

Menorquin yachts, is a well-known Spanish shipyard that took traditional fishing boats (named Llauts) hull lines and developed in the late 80’s a semi displacement recreational range of day cruisers or weekenders. This particular model, the 145, was


Boat Faeton 780 sport. 7,80 mtr length cabin with 230 HP Volvo Penta Diesel engine. Ideal for day-cruissing or overnight thanks to its spacious cabin with double berth. Passage to bow through practical walk-around. Equipped with …

Sale of boats for scrapping

As Bloomerg reports, even with Brexit, London homes reached average purchase prices hovering around £609,000 in November (€709,000), about 20 times the cost of an 18-meter-long, two-meter-wide narrowboat. Today, the British capital is home to more than 4,200 of these boats on its canals, more than twice as many as a decade ago. The authorities, in fact, are working to create additional moorings and expand the areas available for trawling, with the aim of combating a rise in prices.

Most of the network was developed in the 18th century to link emerging industrial areas with what was then the city center, and the canals were crucial to the UK’s rise as an industrial power. The expansion of rail and road transport eventually made the network obsolete, and it fell into a long period of neglect and disrepair.

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Boats to live on in Spain

If you sail in Honolulu harbor, get ready for an exciting day full of activities. You can relax on the black sand shores or visit the historic city, admire the Washington Square, a particular Georgian style hotel and the Iolani Palace. After you’ve discovered the architecture, you can visit “The Rising Water,” or more often referred to as the summer resort of Waikiki, just east of Honolulu.

Qpia is located in the heart of Polynesia: nine volcanic and luxurious islands where the Polynesians first settled 1000 years before Jesus Christ and developed a unique culture. Apia, the capital, is located on the most developed island, Upola. \The Treasure Island” authored by Robert

Tauranga means “refuge” or “resting place” in New Zealand. This region shelters large tropical gardens and is a favorite place for deep-sea fishermen. It is the main export port for the forestry industry, located on the North Island. Tauranga has become a meeting place for tourists, for its warm sandy beaches and crystal clear waters…


As for the history of the city, it is said that Southampton was the place chosen by the Viking King Canute “the Great” to defeat his enemy, the Anglo-Saxon King Etelhard II, nicknamed “The Undecided”.

A very curious detail is that Southampton had much to do with the creation of the Principality of Monaco. The city wall was built in 1338, after the French, led by Grimaldi, raided the city and razed everything to the ground. Grimaldi used this booty to found the principality of Monaco, and Southampton was left in ruins, without sufficient funds to build an entire wall, so they reused the walls of the surrounding commercial premises as part of this defensive structure.

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Like any British city, Southampton would be nothing without the stories that happen every day in its pubs. The hidden The Juniper, in Castle Square, a street near the wall, proudly displays a plaque that tells that it housed the residence of the writer Jane Austen between 1807 and 1809.

Can you live on a boat in a marina UK?
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