Do German licenses expire?

German driver’s license for foreigners

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If you have been in this country for a while, it is possible that your driver’s license will expire during your stay. At this point… what to do? it is obvious that you have to renew it, but… how? when? where?  If you want to get out of doubts, you only have to continue reading, since we have several options to do it:

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Driving license in germany

Similarly, if you have a foreign driving license from the European Union or the European Economic Area and you need to renew it, the procedure you must follow is the renewal of the European Union and European Economic Area driving license.

Likewise, the period of validity of the different types of driving licenses may be reduced if, at the time of granting or extending its validity, it is proven that the holder suffers from an illness or impairment which, although it does not prevent it for the time being, is likely to worsen.

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2. By Internet, through the Electronic Registry. You must have a valid electronic DNI or electronic certificate or your [email protected] credentials to access the registry. In addition, as the filing of your document must be signed, it is important that you verify before filing that you have downloaded the AutoFirma program. You have a service that verifies that your equipment meets the requirements to be able to carry out the procedures telematically.

Driving test questions germany

Here it is different! Here it is mandatory that you take lessons at a driving school, both for the theory test and the practical test. The law states that you must take at least 12 hours of driving lessons before taking the practical test, which costs 250 euros. Each academic driving hour (45 minutes) costs between 45 and 55 euros. Parallel to this you have to attend theory classes in order to take the written test, which costs 110 euros.

Additionally, you have to take a first aid course and get a medical certificate or eye exam. The exam can be done directly with the ophthalmologist or in some authorized opticians. It costs 7 euros.

My experience getting my license here was a bit traumatic. I took the written exam in German and passed it on the first try, but I had to take the practical exam twice, which I would not have had to do if I had had a different teacher.

In Venezuela I have always driven an automatic car, and in theory you can also take the test in such a car, but your license will only be valid for this type of car (and here most of them are synchronous).    If you want your general license that allows you to drive both automatic and synchronous cars, you have to take the test in a synchronous car.

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Renewal of spanish driving license in germany

During maternity or paternity leave (Elterzeit) you are entitled to vacation. However, the employer could choose to reduce the paid leave days by one twelfth for each full month of Elternzeit (Art. 17 (1) BEEG). This provision does not violate European law (BAG, judgment of March 19, 2019, Case No. 9 AZR 362/18). The employer may decide to proceed with the reduction even after the employee has already entered Elternzeit, but must inform him in a timely manner.

In Germany you are entitled to one twelfth of your annual leave for each month of work (e.g., if the contract specifies 24 days of annual leave, you are entitled to 2 days of leave for each month of work – § 5 BUrlG), and this also applies to new employees.

Most employers have pre-printed forms to fill out for vacation requests or use specific HR programs that can also be used for vacation requests.

Do German licenses expire?
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