Do park model homes hold their value?

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There are many ways to create an inventory of your home. It may seem difficult at first to file information about everything you have in your home, but don’t let that stop you. First, decide on a way that works for you to do the inventory. You can do it room by room, category by category (furniture, electronics, etc.), from the newest items to the oldest, or from the most expensive purchases to the cheapest.

There are different ways to make your list. You can write everything down in a notebook, for example. Or you can take pictures and write the information behind the pictures or enter and save the information directly into your computer. If you have a video camera, you can walk around the house recording and describing the contents at the same time. If you have a computer, you can get access to a free program on the Internet that will help you create and maintain an inventory very easily.

In some cases, as below, items can be grouped by room where they are most frequently found. In other cases, they can be grouped by category. For many items such as books, CDs, sheets, pots and pans, you can make a general estimate of how many you have and what they cost.

Vehicle depreciation table 2020

In this regard, Ricardo Antón and Joaquín Granero, managing partners of Obox, emphasize that prefabricated housing “are in whole or in large part factory-built”, which is why they use techniques, processes and industrial manufacturing procedures “that make these processes more efficient in terms of quality, time and money”. Thus, the company assures that “as a general rule” prefabricated houses “are made in less than half the time of traditional ones”.

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Another positive differentiation of prefabricated houses is that they consume less energy than traditional buildings. This advantage, according to inHAUS, is a consequence of the fact that prefabricated houses “incorporate quality control procedures that are far superior to those of traditional on-site construction. In fact, according to Antón and Granero, because they come from the factory, this installation is “always safer,” a quality that translates into savings in energy consumption.

In the specific case of thermal insulation, Navarro points out that the traditional system forces the houses to be built with thermal bridges, which causes these buildings to have porosities and permeability, which makes them generate “unacceptable energy losses. On the contrary, prefabricated housing and, in particular, modular houses, have the capacity to generate heat by themselves because “they maintain stable indoor temperatures of around 12 and 15 degrees in winter in those days and climates where the outside temperature has been between -5 and 12 degrees”.

Investment property is an asset or a liability

Recently, the national government announced the implementation of a new program to boost home purchases throughout the country. The program will allow 200,000 families comprised of nearly 800,000 Colombians to benefit from subsidies for the purchase of housing.

“The pressure for price increases is not going to happen because the Government’s subsidies have clear objectives and housing with specific value. The supply is not going to generate a price increase, what we see is that prices are going to be maintained and sales are going to be boosted,” said Vásquez.

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Watches that do not lose their value

The beneficiary household with the Family Housing Subsidy – SFV must send the waiver request to Fonvivienda signed by all members of the beneficiary household, once the request is received by the entity will proceed to issue a resolution of acceptance of the waiver, when it is published the Ministry’s databases are updated and the news is reported to TransUnion so that when the household presents itself again it will not present a cross for subsidy. The process may take between one and two months once the application has been received by Fonvivienda.

4. When we registered the account in the platform it was not approved, should we make the manual collection or could we change the account registered for disbursements, what is the procedure to make this change?

If the builder registered his project to immediately make a subsidy collection, the application will NOT allow it. The registration process as a builder precedes the Home Allocation process.

Do park model homes hold their value?
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