Do you need a solicitor to buy your freehold?

Do you need a solicitor to buy your freehold?

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Buying real estate is a whole process. From finding the ideal opportunity, to analyzing the area and amenities, to waiting for your loan approval at the bank -if you ask for it- or finding the right lawyer who can help you review every line of your contract.

As well as the title of the property, the certificate of freedom of lien is a document that helps you prove that the property is free of debts. And it is a security for you, because otherwise, you could be acquiring a property that is not even in a condition to be purchased.

Purchases and sales of real estate examples

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Real estate in Germany is registered in the land register (Grundbuch), where you can trace the history of the property and obtain complete information about the owner of the real estate, the exact area of the land and buildings, whether there are basements or garages assigned to this object, whether there are any possible encumbrances, as well as existing debts of the owners.

Thanks to the regime of transparency and clarity of the transaction processing that takes place under the strict supervision of a notary, clients can be sure that they are acquiring a private property, free of encumbrances, debts and third party rights.

If a client comes in person to sign the contract, but does not understand or speak German at an adequate level, we will have to invite a sworn translator to simultaneously translate the notarial text for its correct understanding and subsequent signature.

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Buying property examples

Finding the ideal home is not an easy task, but applying for and getting the right mortgage can be. Do you know the basics about mortgages? Before buying your own home you need to be clear about what type of credit you require, what rate would be right for you and what benefits you could obtain.

Whether it’s for an investment, for a need or for wanting to achieve that goal, are you considering a loan? Here we show you how it works, the benefits and the obligations you will have to incur with it.

Real Estate Lawyer

Undoubtedly, buying a real estate property is one of the most important steps in a person’s life. That is why the purchase and sale of real estate must comply with a series of formalities in Chile.

If you buy a real estate property, it is not necessary to register it. For example, if you buy a house, it acquires the quality of furniture and these are bought consensually. When acquiring a real estate by adhesion, you are acquiring a real estate by nature.

The foreclosure is a document that suspends the guarantee that the bank has on your house. In the following article we will explain what is the mortgage foreclosure and what you need to know about it.

The following article contains the most relevant information about the sale of used houses. In the following points you will find information on the steps to follow to make the purchase, the documents you will need, and what the subsidy for used housing consists of, among other things.

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The title study of a house is fundamental in the purchase of used houses. In this regard, you should be especially careful to find out if the house is subject to mortgages, has outstanding debts, etc.

Do you need a solicitor to buy your freehold?
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