How Do dogs Act after being boarded?

How Do dogs Act after being boarded?

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Many concerned caregivers ask us if dogs cry before they die, what they think about or if they know they are going to die. In this article we are going to tell you what dogs do when they are about to leave us, a hard moment that is very hard to go through and for which we hope we can prepare you with this article.

Remember that you can count on our online veterinarians and behavioral experts for more information on this sensitive subject, both for advice for you and for your friend.

What you should never do is get depressed. We know it’s hard, but furry dogs are animals, they don’t understand death as a traumatic process, so if they see you sad they will think they have done something wrong, not that you are crying because they are dying. If you find it hard to be smiling in front of your dog that you know is about to die, seek the help of a friend, but when you are by his side, be happy for him.

As he doesn’t move as much and spends more time sleeping, he will need to eat less. Elderly dogs who have little time left at our side will even show signs of a complete lack of appetite. Be understanding with him but encourage him to eat. One trick you can resort to is to space out his meals with less quantity, this will help him to eat with less effort.

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One of the most distressing diseases for dog and cat owners is epilepsy. Epilepsy in dogs is a very common disease that many owners have to face.

We say that a dog has epilepsy when they suffer repetitive convulsive seizures. An animal can have an isolated seizure for various reasons, but only when the seizures become periodic we call it epilepsy.

Sometimes it is possible to determine which disease is causing the seizures: a tumor, a congenital malformation or a stroke, but sometimes it is not possible to determine the cause, so in these cases we qualify the epilepsy as idiopathic.

An epileptic seizure is caused by an abnormal electrical activity that occurs suddenly in the brain of our dog or cat. We can think that a group of neurons is altered entering a phase of excitation and hyperactivity.

We must take into account that neuronal excitation has nothing to do with our dog’s state of mind, such as the state of excitement he feels when he welcomes us at home. In fact, most of the time, epileptic seizures occur when the animal is resting, resting or sleeping.

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“Without anthropomorphizing, we share many characteristics with animals: likes, dislikes, self-integrity that suffers from a lack of respect, curiosity about the environment, development of friendship and mood… Let’s not forget that both dogs and felines have a limbic system -region of the brain in charge of regulating emotions- analogous to ours”, say the COPC.

In the mourning process, the dog will have to find its new place and learn to feel comfortable in it. After this stage, with the possible appearance of different symptoms, it is normal for the dog to adapt progressively to the new situation.

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If the grieving process takes too long or the symptoms start to be worrying, experts advise to go to a specialist as soon as possible, either a veterinarian or an ethologist, to assess the case and recommend the best for our best friend.

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Feeling fear and uneasiness can be normal, but when we talk about anxiety itself is something that the animal cannot control and should be treated if it does not disappear in a reasonable time, since the animal suffers. If an owner detects that his pet suffers from anxiety or believes that he may suffer from it, he should contact his veterinarian for a consultation. Sometimes the “treatment” is simpler than in others, but you should always try to make the anxiety disappear, because it goes against the welfare of the animal.

How Do dogs Act after being boarded?
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