How do I claim unowned land?

How do I claim unowned land?

How to find unowned land

– Possession must be ostensible and continuous. The new code eliminates the requirement that it must be peaceful and without vices, therefore the qualification of the possession will no longer be important.  Taking into account that article 1.930 presumes continuity, the proof of discontinuous possession will be in charge of the one who affirms it.

– The usucapion is a trial that has a cost, both in rates, fees, plans, and time, so this factor must be taken into account when purchasing possession of a property. The value of a transfer of possession must be significantly lower than the purchase and sale of land.

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Land Appropriation Law

Guide to civil, commercial, criminal, administrative and labor time limits: we recommend this compilation of more than 2,200 procedural and substantive time limits of the four jurisdictional orders, published in January 2020 !

All the things that are in the commerce of men are susceptible of prescription, that is to say, those that are object of traffic or commerce, having to exclude everything that is not susceptible of appropriation, and what being it cannot be object of the traffic for prohibiting it a norm.

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– Usucapion against the Registry or Usucapion against tabulas, which is the acquisition of the domain by someone who is not initially the owner of the same by continued possession, against what is registered in the Property Registry. It is necessary to take into account the recent Judgment of January 21, 2014, which establishes the doctrine in relation to the usucapion “contra tabulas”, declaring that this matter is governed by the provisions of art. 36 of the Mortgage Law, as opposed to the provisions of art. 1.949 CC, which must be understood to be repealed.  This resolution, which establishes a “new regime”, totally different from the previous one as far as the position of the “third party mortgagee” is concerned, has already been analyzed in another post.

Ley de posesión de terrenos

La propiedad es un derecho regulado por el artículo 58 de la Constitución y que nuestras leyes civiles han entendido como un derecho real que es de cosas tangibles e intangibles. Teniendo en cuenta lo anterior, el presente artículo pretende realizar un estudio sobre el derecho de propiedad privada de los bienes cuando no existe título traslativo de dominio y por lo tanto no hay registro de instrumentos públicos, situación que dificulta la negociabilidad de dichos bienes. En estos eventos la legislación colombiana ha señalado un proceso denominado pertenencia que tiene por objeto otorgar el dominio de las cosas por prescripción adquisitiva en los eventos que cumplan con los requisitos establecidos en la ley. Sin embargo, se presenta una dificultad y es que cuando una persona ha poseído el bien con ánimo de señor y dueño, por el término requerido, pero al iniciar el proceso de pertenencia se evidencia en el Certificado de Libertad y Tradición que carece de titular de derechos reales, evento en el cual la Corte Constitucional ha presumido que la propiedad es vacante y por lo tanto imprescriptible.

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How to appropriate an abandoned land

Today I was asked how to win a usucapion trial. I immediately corrected, that in any case we could refer to, how to win by possession and time, the acquisitive prescription and enforce it in a trial.

Therefore, the acquisitive prescription of ownership constitutes one of the means of acquisition of property that requires two elements for its configuration (and, as we said above, to enforce it in a trial):

Then it can be said that “acquisitive prescription is a way of acquiring domain (long prescription) or of consolidating an acquisition made (short prescription), by possession during the time and with the requirements demanded by law.[1]”

Consequently, prescription can be asserted by two procedural means: as an action, by way of a declaratory action (Law 14,159 Articles 24 and 25) i.e., in the Declaratory Judgment of Usucapion; or as the exception, i.e., as a defense raised before the promotion of an action.

When usucapion is asserted by way of an action, a lawsuit is brought against the owner of the thing in order to declare that the domain has been acquired by the possessor through this mode of acquisition of rights. Article 24 of Law 14,159 details the requirements necessary to enforce long prescription by this means.

How do I claim unowned land?
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