How many cars can I sell a year?

How many cars can I sell a year?

I can have two vehicles in my name

Undoubtedly the transition to the electric car, or whatever finally comes, some are betting more on hydrogen, has a determining weight in the results of this industry. The investments that manufacturers will have to make are unimaginable.

Brands such as Lamborghini or Porsche, possibly included in the sales of their groups, those of Porsche in the VW Group, are missing in this list. The price of German sports cars would be diluted among the millions of vehicles sold by the German giant.

And to whom do the cheapest vehicles correspond? The Indian Mahindra with 2.392€ would be at the top of the list. Followed by Great Wall Motors, which rises to € 8,934 per car, this Chinese manufacturer. To find the third we would have to travel to Japan, where Suzuki gets €9,192 for each unit purchased by its customers.

The role of digital technologies is crucial for the automotive industry, and for the corner shop, each in its own way. And it takes these three legs to keep us in balance.

How to set up a car dealership

The first step, probably, is to decide how much you want to get for the vehicle. Apart from being a personal decision (influenced by the need and urgency to get more or less money), the price is determined by factors such as age, mileage, state of preservation…

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To get a fairly approximate idea, it is convenient to consult several of the numerous websites that appraise vehicles in a few seconds, such as or Canalcar. These are tools that take into account the model, the license plate number and, at most, the mileage or extra equipment. They are not exact, but they are useful to get an idea.

An owner knows better than anyone how his car is, but he has to prove it. It is advisable to have the maintenance book updated, which certifies that the basic preventive checks have been carried out (oil changes, battery changes, timing belt changes, etc.). The more documentation you can provide in this regard (and the better the vehicle is), the more money you can ask for it. It will be difficult to sell it if the oil light comes on…

How many cars can I have in my name

You may have several reasons to sell your car: either because you want to buy a new one or because you don’t use it and you don’t want/can’t afford its expenses (maintenance, taxes…). In any case, if you have made the decision to get rid of your car, we tell you what you need to know to do it: how to define its price, tips to advertise it, procedures and paperwork…

And for this you have several options. If you have decided to replace it with a new one, the quickest and easiest way is to sell it to the dealer where you are going to buy the new one. In fact, they usually offer discounts if you hand in your old car.

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The third option is to sell it directly to another individual, which, of all the alternatives mentioned above, is usually the one that will bring you the most money, regardless of whether you are going to buy another car or not. In short, almost always a company or a dealer will offer you a lower amount than if you sell it to another individual. Although, on the other hand, it facilitates the paperwork and procedures.

It is profitable to buy and sell cars

. Generate your offer and schedule your inspection in minutes. On the day of the inspection it will take you between 1 and 2 hours to receive our inspector, verify the documents and be present at the test drive.

If you are not up to date with these documents, not only will you create distrust in the buyer, but also the offer will decrease, because if you do not pay your debts, the buyer will have to take care of them and nobody wants that.

For that reason, it is advisable that your car is in the best possible condition when it is evaluated. It is also advisable that, if you want to get the best possible offer, you have your car’s papers up to date.

If you have an appointment scheduled, one of our executives will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a folio and guide you to the inspection center that is most convenient for you, in relation to your location.

How many cars can I sell a year?
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