How much does a 100 000 annuity pay per month?

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In programmed retirement, the member maintains ownership of his funds and can change AFP and pension mode. In the event of death, the remaining balance will continue to be used to pay survivor’s pensions to the beneficiaries, and if they do not exist, any remaining funds will be paid as an inheritance.

In this mode, the member has the possibility of requesting Special Coverage Conditions to improve the situation of his survivor pension beneficiaries in the event of his death.

In this mode, the funds that the member has in his/her individual AFP account are divided and he/she simultaneously contracts with them an immediate life annuity and a Programmed Withdrawal pension.


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To give you a different understanding of how annuities work, the user contributes an initial sum of money and the insurer agrees to pay a periodic amount until his or her death (hence the name annuity).

There are different types of annuities depending on when they start to be paid (immediate or deferred) and also on the surrender possibilities. In this regard, three types of annuity can be distinguished. They are as follows: capital assigned, constant annuities and in mixed form.

In this case, the annuity insurance can be cancelled at any time and, in the event of death, the beneficiaries of the insurance will receive the premium paid. However, in the event of recovering the money before death, you will only receive the market value. The possibility of ‘exiting’ the product means that the income you pay is lower.

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As its name suggests, this type is a combination of the two previous ones. The money can be redeemed at market value, but in the event of death the beneficiaries will only receive a percentage of the contribution that will decrease over time.

How long an annuity lasts

The expression “annuity” sounds like what so many people would like to have: a financial benefit that lasts for the rest of their lives. In its most general features, the financial product so called offers just that. But it also has a number of peculiarities to which it is worth paying close attention.

The annuity generates interest. This is another reason why it would be convenient to contract one and not, for example, to have a current account (or even to keep the money at home) and use it little by little. However, it should be taken into account that the profitability of this product is generally very low: between 1% and 1.5% per annum.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking out an annuity lies in its tax benefits. It happens that, in many cases, the initial premium to contract it arises from the sale of a property, often a house that is not the usual one.

When a house or an apartment is sold, if there is a capital gain (i.e., if it is sold for more money than was invested when it was bought), personal income tax (IRPF) must be paid. A tax that can amount to several thousand euros.

Mapfre life annuity simulator

This savings product is indicated for people of retirement age, or those who have already reached 65 and wish to have a constant monthly income insured throughout their lives. With the option of reserving all the capital of this income for their heirs upon their death or leaving less capital in inheritance (or none at all) in exchange for enjoying a higher monthly payment throughout their old age.

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De Frutos has also insisted on the “flexible” nature of the product and on the “commitment of the sector to provide all the information on the product”. It is important to explain to the client that, if he/she wishes to surrender the policy, he/she may suffer a loss of capital in a horizon of rising interest rates, in which the fixed-income assets on which the product is based lose value.

Life annuities are not the ideal product for early retirement planning. Their remuneration is very low (now around 1.5% per annum) and their tax benefits become stronger the older you get. In addition, they are designed to provide immediate benefits, not as an instrument for accumulating savings.

How much does a 100 000 annuity pay per month?
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