Is AQA and CIE the same?


One of the things that parents are not clear when they contact us with doubts about their children’s exams or asking for reinforcement: are Cambridge A-Levels and AS-Levels, Edexcel, AQA and OCR the same? These are called Exam Boards.

At the beginning all schools and examination centers used Cambridge International exams. Gradually other providers came out, offering exams at different prices, with different programs, with better conditions for schools …..

Whether an exam is more or less easy in one board or another is difficult to say. We would have to do statistics. In the end it depends on the subject. Some ask for a practical part in certain exams, others allow to do papers instead of practical parts… Some subjects are more or less modular or leave more or less options in different exam boards.

We usually choose according to the syllabus, the availability of an exam center and the type of exam. The decision is a consensus between the study coordinator, the teacher of each subject and the student.


In a word “pitiful”. They try to give the image of a prestigious gym, when it is third or fourth division. I have to say that the staff is moderately friendly and nice, but everything else leaves something to be desired.down to weight training and you have to wait a lot to fight with other users to see if hopefully you get a cardio machine.when you get tired of waiting, you decide to go to the pool to swim and you find half of the lanes occupied by classes and those that remain there is an average of 6 people (being measured) per lane, to torture while swimming.

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Sports center very close to the Juan Carlos I park and Ifema, the facility has a Gym, Spa, Thermal Zone, 25 meter pool and hundreds of classes with the best teachers you could find.

Igcse biology

ADMISSIONEXPERIMENT SWANSEWe understand that starting your child on his/her future path is one of the most important decisions and that is why we warmly invite you to visit us and experience the magical atmosphere of Swans International School for yourself!

We follow the British education system, so in Years 10 and 11, Swans students take the GCSE or IGCSE program. The three examination boards we use at Swans are Cambridge (CIE), AQA and Edexcel. Click here for more information.

Our Baccalaureate students take the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We chose this course over other educational qualifications (such as the UK A-levels) because of its international profile and the fact that it is considered to be one of the most respected qualifications among the top universities, as well as the best preparation for future life.


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The G1 series CCD cameras are based on Sony ICX CCD detectors. The cameras are powered from USB, so they are connected to the PC with a single cable. The standard “Autoguider” port allows the camera to directly control the movement of the telescope.  The body of the G1 cameras is slightly larger than the G0 series, as they contain cooling fan, which significantly reduces the CCD dark current. G1 cameras are also equipped with a standard CS thread adapter, making them compatible with various CCTV lenses, microscopes and other devices.

Is AQA and CIE the same?
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