Is golfing everyday bad?

Health benefits of golf

When we think of golf we imagine an activity of the upper classes, a hobby carried out by lonely people, but unlike what some may think golf is a very complete and healthy precision sport.  Although it does not enjoy the popularity of other mass sports, golf has nothing to envy to any in terms of the benefits it brings to both your body and mind.

This sport stands out because it is suitable for all ages and is a good ally for health.  It is an excellent way to lower stress, stay in shape and learn to better manage frustration levels.

Outdoor physical activity is perfect.  For nature lovers, golf has it all: relaxed atmosphere, green and quiet fields, fresh air and a peaceful environment, thus favoring mental balance.  It is the ideal place to disconnect from everyday life because the golf course is an ecosystem that you can enjoy for several hours of play.

Golf back pain

This golf and health expert calculated that playing an 18-hole course and walking 11,000 to 17,000 steps involves an energy expenditure of 1,200 calories. Those just looking to hit the ball and choosing to change greens using an electric car will also burn 600 calories.

“Golf is a technical sport, with a long learning process. If you learn without a teacher you can have injuries derived from two factors: a bad grip (the way you hold the club) and the swing (the movement when you hit the ball), which can cause lumbar spine problems,” warns Ignacio Guerras, traumatologist and president of the Madrid Golf Federation.

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The practice of golf also has an important component of socialization: it is a sport where one competes more against oneself than against other rivals, which promotes conversation for several hours.

These factors are recommended for retired people. “Golf is great for mental balance, and it will be more important in the future. We are going into a society with a lot of retirees with free time, and that time needs to be filled. That’s where golf comes in as a recommended activity,” stresses traumatologist Alfonso del Corral.

Golf hand injuries

(CNN) – Like many young professionals, Tiffany Fitzgerald took the advice to go to college and get a good job. But no one told her she’d also have to learn to play golf to move up in the company.

For Fitzgerald, it wasn’t exactly love at first swing. He found the steep learning curve “embarrassing and intimidating.” But once she got better, she enjoyed it more, so much so that she made golf her full-time career.

As a busy working mother, Fitzgerald sees golf as a healthy way to unwind and relax outdoors. “For me, it’s been a great stress reliever, which really helps my mental health,” she acknowledges.

Golf is a low-impact, joint-friendly sport that can be played at any age. “It’s more about mental toughness, finesse and skill than strength, so you can play golf for a lifetime,” Fitzgerald says.

Once you’re medically cleared, Fitzgerald recommends finding others who play. Not only will you be more responsible, but you’ll also find a community to have fun with, which is important for a long and healthy life.

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Disadvantages of golf

You already know that at Retamares Golf Club we are passionate about golf. This sport has many benefits. So, if you have doubts about playing golf in Madrid, maybe these lines will help you decide.

It also helps us to release the stress of everyday life. Do not forget that golf is a sport to play without haste. In most golf courses in Madrid calm is a common feature.

-Golf is good for our body. Being a precision sport, it requires moderate physical activity. It is therefore a game suitable for all ages and almost all physical conditions.

Is golfing everyday bad?
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