Is it better to use a private building inspector?

Construction site safety inspections

The action of verifying that a construction project is being executed with the appropriate personnel, according to specifications, plans and documents, guaranteeing the owner a quality finished product at low cost and on time.

Throughout a construction project, the use of materials and technology is assigned, as well as the justification of construction methods, technical regulations and spaces; likewise in every project, it has assigned objectives, specifications to be met, a deadline for completion and a budget to be used.

It involves carrying out the project in such a way that people and resources are integrated to execute it. This stage includes the definition of a quality and management system, permits, methodology and materialization of the work.

The inspection of a work corresponds to the action and effect of examining or attentively recognizing a thing; the activity that is done with the purpose of verifying and monitoring by a specialized professional, in this case “architect or engineer” on the construction process of a work to ensure that its execution is carried out in accordance with the technical standards, specifications, plans and other documents that constitute the project.

Check list for excel construction sites

Although this may seem obvious, we make this warning, because sometimes clients have come to us trying to prove the statute of limitations, when by the computation of the same, it had not occurred. Our answer is always the same: if the statute of limitations has not occurred, it cannot be proved. The line of action must be different, other actions must be activated, but in no way try to prove something that has not happened. And just as we say this, we also say the opposite (object of this note): if the statute of limitations has occurred, it can always be proved. That is to say, that of course we can prove that the works are time-barred, it must be verified that the period established by the town planning regulations of our Autonomous Community has elapsed; you can consult the table of limitation periods of the restoration action and the sanctioning action by Autonomous Community.

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That is to say, that there had existed for example a previous file (not resolved of course), where the date of the actions, by which it is clear that the execution or completion of the works in question correspond to the new action of the City Council, and therefore, taking into consideration these dates, the unlicensed works (its possibility of restoration or infringement) are prescribed. Example: a police report, an urbanistic inspection report, the internal proceedings of the file, or even an injunction or (unresolved).

Construction Site Inspection Form

According to the allocation of resources with DU-014-2019, and according to the agreements established between the Regional Government and PVD-MTC, it is manual and if required they could consider the punctual section (it cannot be the whole road to intervene), perform the machining.

The delay is because they do not comply with the activities determined in the road maintenance or road maintenance manual. There is no model, but they were informed of the minimum content that the file must contain.

The sections are determined in the agreement signed between the GR and PVD, which have been registered at the goal level, but if this section is with another type of intervention; the DU 070-2020 (Art. 25), empowers it to make budget modifications, as long as they have a current technical dossier.

To define the referential value, market research must be carried out using a single source, which may be: i) quotations, ii) historical prices, iii) cost structure, iv) budgets, v) SEACE sources or any other source considered by the Entity.

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Site inspection report

In summary, it is essential to be well informed of the implication of our actions to be able to make a decision adjusted to our needs and budget but that will not give us problems in the future or that we have assessed the risks and we have decided to assume them.

We must be attentive to the communication that arrives to us from the city council with the actions to follow since generally the terms of answer that gives the city council are quite tight. If we see that it does not arrive to us in the expected term it is advisable that we go to the organism that manages the file and we ask for the same one. In the case of activities it is generally the Agency of Management of Activity Licenses (AGLA).

If we have not previously obtained the coverage of the administrative acts (licenses, authorizations, orders of execution) that should legitimize them are considered as infraction, and therefore suppose the opening of a sanctioning file, the following actions:

But in turn the land law defines a series of habitual infractions and which are the fines to be paid for them, which are in most cases related to the amount of the works carried out or the value of the land on which they are carried out.

Is it better to use a private building inspector?
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