Is paralegal a good career in South Africa?

A Legal Advisor’s Handbook

Samantha grew up in Cape Town and lives in Capricorn. She is dedicated, honest, a free spirit and very open-minded. She loves climbing and meeting people. She is involved with a youth group at her church. She likes challenges and adapts easily. She would love to travel in South Africa and experience different cultures of the African continent.

Sherwin was born and raised in Cape Town. He completed his studies in Law at the University of Eastern Cape. During his undergraduate studies, he completed a course in international human rights at Howard University (USA) where his passion for human rights began. In her spare time, she enjoys socializing and meeting new people. She enjoys squash, sandboarding and going to the gym.

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Difference between a legal advisor and a lawyer

PARALEGAL COURSE.  With this course you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to develop the activities of paralegal, developing the appropriate skills to manage legal documentation, as well as put at your disposal the necessary skills to develop your career and improve your employability.

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A lot of what is related to the legal, in addition to the fact that I was already interested in these topics, although I have no career as a lawyer or anything similar I have embarked on new learning to expand my knowledge of administrative assistant and management secretary.

I am very satisfied with this course because I have learned about the figure of the paralegal in depth, so now I can face the working world as a professional. The topic I found most interesting was the criminal liability of the paralegal.

* All the opinions about the Online Course Legal Assistant Course, here compiled, have been filled in voluntarily by our students, through a form that is attached to all of them, together with the materials, or at the end of their course in our Online campus, in which they are invited to leave us their impressions about the course.

Economy of South Africa

Many law firms and consultancies have to rely on the invaluable help of people who manage the documentation and visits with the clients of lawyers, solicitors, notaries and legal advisors. But… What is the professional profile that is in charge of this type of management?

The profile that encompasses the above-mentioned tasks is that of a legal secretary. If you would like to work as a paralegal or legal assistant, you should know what are the functions, professional profile, job opportunities and what is the best legal secretarial course to get your desired position.

Legal knowledge, communication skills and responsibility are some of the features that should characterize the person who occupies this position. Below, we explain what the professional profile of a legal secretary should be:

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Legal Advisor Salary

Lima, Lima MetropolitanaWe are looking for an administrative assistant. Professional with a technical career in administration…. The position will be based in Lima and the province. The position will be responsible for the reception and filtering of calls in general. Coordinate meeting room availability…2 days, 12 hours ago in Jobomas

Lima, Lima MetropolitanaAttorney (a) collegiate, with minimum experience of 03 years preferably in the construction sector. With extensive knowledge in civil procedural law, administrative law, state contracting and arbitration1 day, 4 hours ago in Jobomas

Is paralegal a good career in South Africa?
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