Is Portsmouth High School private?

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Before the main course of the night we enjoyed the opening act, LOW HUMMER, a sextet from Hull. They made good use of the 40 minutes of their concert, showing good manners with their garage rock combining guitars and synthesizers. They presented songs from their debut album (“Modern Tricks for Living”), among which I especially liked “I Tell You What” and “Commercials”.

In short, great concert of 1 hour and 35 minutes without encore (no need for the theatrics of leaving the stage to come out again) of a fundamental group in British rock. I wish there were more bands like Manic Street Preachers.


Chichester is a medium-sized city on the south coast of England. It is known for its impressive 11th century cathedral as well as for its beautiful Georgian style buildings. The city is very well communicated with London and with nearby cities like Southampton, Portsmouth or Brighton.

The university INSTITUTE where the classes take place is located near the historical center of Chichester. The international English courses are of 15 or 21 lessons per week. The 21-lesson courses can be combined with 1 optional subject, such as Cambridge exam preparation, marketing, tourism, business English, IT, etc. The college has modern facilities: language laboratory, multimedia room, cafeteria, tennis courts, gymnasium.

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A few weeks ago I told you about a possible route of museums in Southsea, among which the Portsmouth City Museum stands out. However, given the great cultural heritage that Portsmouth has to offer, in this second post I will tell you about another alternative route of different museums. Follow me and let’s go!

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This time we will start our route in the Landport district. It is here where we find the birthplace of one of the most important writers of world literature: Charles Dickens. Although he only spent the first five months of his life at this address, the association that manages the museum was able to obtain at auction some of the author’s furniture and personal objects, including the sofa on which he died.

I remember as if it were yesterday the first time I saw the Mary Rose. I entered the museum because, honestly, it was free thanks to the Victorian Festival of Christmas, so I could not miss it, but I knew nothing about the ship or what I was going to find. The museum is huge: it consists of several floors, all of them labyrinthine and with a large collection of objects recovered from the bottom of the sea. And not only objects, as I also had the chance to see skeletons: both of humans and of one of the dogs that were on board the ship when it sank… and, of course, the ship’s own skeleton.

Benedictine nuns

The recognition of degrees and/or titles obtained abroad entails their inscription in the National Register of Degrees and Titles, granting them, as well as national degrees and titles, publicity and opposability. The procedure may be requested by any person, regardless of nationality.

– Original diploma accrediting the degree and/or title, or document with official value recognized by the competent body in matters of university higher education, verifiable by means of:

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– Proof of payment of the processing fee. In case the applicant is a Returned Migrant, he/she will be entitled to a reduction of the payment, for which he/she must also present a simple copy of the Returned Migrant Card.

– In case the applicant requires that the administrative act of recognition contains additional information that does not appear in the diploma, he/she must present the certificate of studies or supplement to the original diploma.

If the applicant requires that the administrative act of recognition contains additional information that does not appear in the document; he/she must present the certificate of studies or the supplement to the diploma.

Is Portsmouth High School private?
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