What do Busy Bees do?

What do Busy Bees do?

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These sequences are not followed by all bees, just as there are some that become beekeepers without having performed the above activities. Some seem to mature prematurely, just as others may, under certain conditions, become rejuvenated.

On their hind legs, they have a modification called a corbicula (caestilla) that allows them to transport pollen and propolis (plant resin). They have a brush of hairs where the pollen grains are collected. When this brush is full, they pass the pollen to the baskets and transport it to the hive.

In their abdomen, they also have Nasonov’s glands or Nasanov’s glands (in the posterior part of the seventh tergite of the abdomen forming a band), responsible for producing the characteristic odor of the colony. The bees can be seen in the comb with the Nasonov’s gland deployed, calling the other bees to enter the comb. This behavior is very characteristic; they raise their abdomen above their thorax and head. In this way they call and orient the other workers when the colony is in turmoil, recognizing each other in the same colony.

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Bees, like any other living creature, have an optimum temperature at which they are at their best. If they are too much above or below the average, their survival is threatened, which can negatively affect the species.

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Therefore, it is the beekeepers’ responsibility to place the hives in shaded areas to prevent the hives from being too hot. In most cases, the tree is a great resource and is used as a shelter for the hives.

The optimum temperature for queen bee reproduction is between 15° and 38°. The higher the temperature, the less likely it is that drone sperm will reproduce. For this reason, it appears that climate change may seriously affect bee breeding.

Honey should not be refrigerated, nor should it be stored near a stove or refrigerator, as it could undergo different temperature changes, which affect the quality of the honey. Above all, the honey should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


Crisálida: etapa de descanso durante la cual los tejidos se reorganizan de forma larvaria a forma adulta. La crisálida la tercera forma corporal en el ciclo de vida de los insectos que precede a la metamorfosis completa (como en las orugas).

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What do Busy Bees do?
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