What does UCR fee stand for?


At JUNTA UCR we offer credit for lot purchase and/or construction, home purchase, cancellation of mortgages with other entities and improvements or additions to your current home. We have two interest rate schemes, you choose the one that suits you best.

If you need to buy a new vehicle, used vehicle or clean technology (new and used), you can ask about the various options we have for you, all with excellent conditions and financing of up to 100%.

The loans with specific investment plan are those that have the social function of solving urgent needs of the affiliated people, as long as they are duly proven. The guarantee for these loans can be: contributions, guarantor(s) or mortgage.

In the family of personal loans, such as current and non-trust loans, the term required to contribute to the fund is 6 months. In the case of housing loans, 24 months of contributions must be made to the fund. To opt for a specific investment loan, the applicant must comply with the following conditions:

International Economic Relations

Precisely, the UCR warned that the most optimistic scenario foresees that in the next 30 days bed occupancy will increase by 21% to 1450 beds, of which 550 will be required for Intensive Care Units (ICU).

A more realistic scenario indicates that the country would reach the peak of the current pandemic wave until the first week of June, with 2800 cases per day; while it is predicted, more pessimistically, that the country will take a month and a half to reach that condition and report up to 3500 infections every 24 hours.

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What is the securitization process and what is it about?

The study, which arrives at July 24 data, shows how since the end of June and up to date the R rate has been decreasing in the country. This decrease coincides with the mandatory use of masks in buses, supermarkets and other places, as well as the application of the hammer strategy.

In Latin America (with the exception of Nicaragua and Venezuela, whose data are not credible), Costa Rica currently occupies the dishonorable 7th position in the ranking with the highest R-rate. However, in previous weeks the country was worse, among the first three places with the worst reproduction rate.

In terms of mortality (deaths per 100,000 of the country’s population over 100,000 years of age), Costa Rica continues to maintain a relatively good rate. Along with Paraguay, Uruguay, Cuba and Puerto Rico, the country maintains low mortality rates so far, but with the most recent data this has been changing negatively.

Negative interest rates

At the inaugural conference of the First Conference on Research, Social Action and Teaching of the Osa-Golfo Dulce Institutional Program (PiOsa) of the UCR, held November 4-6, Dr. Morales presented some of the results of CIMAR’s research in the Costa Rican South Pacific, and spoke about the conservation and threats to marine-coastal resources.

The PiOsa program, created in 2004, is attached to the Vice Rector’s Office of Research of the UCR. It is currently developing 17 research and social action projects, with the participation of 25 researchers.

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The entrance from the sea to the gulf is not very deep, as it has a maximum depth of 60 meters, and then descends to 215 meters deep to form a trench. After 60 meters, oxygen begins to decrease and in the deep water there is an absence of oxygen. “It is what we call an anoxic base,” the lecturer said.

The South Pacific coast is distinguished by its great biological diversity. Scientists estimate that there are 1,100 marine species, distributed in 310 families, which means that there are approximately 1.6 species per square kilometer.

What does UCR fee stand for?
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