What does UCR mean on dental bill?

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Also known as an “advance death benefit”. May help people who are terminally ill. The member or spouse can get an advance payment for some life insurance benefits.

It is also known as “accidental death or dismemberment insurance”. This benefit can be paid in two ways: it can be paid to the insured person after an accidental injury or it can be paid to another person after the insured person’s death.

It is a limit on the amount that will be paid under your health plan. It is also known as a “Recognized Charge”. If you choose to receive services out-of-network, your provider may not accept this amount as payment in full and may charge you for the rest of the charges. This is in addition to the co-payments and deductibles required under your plan.

This is an important process. It is the approval a person gets before receiving care. It helps to know if the care is covered under the health plan. You need to review the plan to find out what types of services require this approval.

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I enjoy this opportunity to help my community in hopes that you will not find yourself with large bills due to non-payment or partial payment of your insurance. Every office should thoroughly research each insurance plan to help avoid many of these problems early for patients. We have learned that one of the most important things we can do for our patients is to be an advocate for you regarding insurance to avoid many of these common problems:

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A patient’s thinking during a situation like this is that, “I have insurance so I should be covered,” if you think so, then you are wrong.  If you use dental insurance for a dental exam, your insurance will generally cover one exam OR one treatment that day, not both.

This means that insurance covers a certain percentage of the cost of a procedure. This sounds good, but it is far from it. Dental insurance often does not pay a percentage of the office fee, but rather a composite fee called a “UCR”.

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Like medical plans, dental plans may not cover every dental service that may be suggested by your dentist. For example, some plans may not cover implants. In addition, services for strictly cosmetic reasons, such as teeth whitening, are rarely covered by dental insurance.    However, discounts for these services may be available if you’re in a dental discount plan or if network discounts (negotiated rates) extend to services not covered by the plan.

Dental plans are set up similarly to medical plans. Most have a network of contracted providers. Your choice of providers and your out-of-pocket cost will depend on the type of plan.

A discount dental plan is not insurance. Instead, it is a contract plan with a network of providers who have agreed to give you care at a reduced price. These plans often offer discounts on services that insurance does not cover, such as cosmetic dentistry.

It is important to remember that this is not a guarantee of payment – it is only an estimate. The final cost will depend on the dental work performed. However, you will be given a statement of the amount you owe.

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Clients interested in a dental loan simply complete a one-page online application on a secure site. Lending Club leverages online data and technology to quickly assess risk, determine a credit score and assign appropriate interest rates. Qualified applicants receive offers in just minutes and can evaluate loan options without impacting their credit score.

The interest rate you receive depends on the amount, length of repayment, creditworthiness and type of plan selected. Funds can only be released to the dental office. Therefore, you must first find out the total cost of your treatment before you can finalize the loan agreement. That said, you can always use a cost estimate to find out if you qualify.

Just like any business, in order for us to keep our doors open to our patients, we have overhead that must be paid every month. Therefore, we appreciate and expect payments at the time of the visit, regardless of dental benefit coverage. If you have insurance, we will file your insurance claims as a courtesy and accept the “assignment of benefits” on your behalf.

What does UCR mean on dental bill?
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