What happens at a registrar wedding?

Simple civil weddings

Everything starts with the marriage dossier.  It is the beginning of everything and without it no civil or religious wedding can be validly celebrated. It includes all the data of both parties (family, marital status, nationality…) and of the big day (date, type of celebration, place of celebration…).

Next, a section with other important data in which aspects such as data on the recognition of children or the matrimonial property regime could be reflected. Finally, the section of the declarant reflects the data of the person who initiates this procedure, although it can be one of the contracting parties themselves.

In the civil area, the place of celebration does not have to be the same one in which the Civil Registry is located, but it requires the presence of the Judge in charge of the Civil Registry and the Justices of the Peace, the Mayor or Councilman in which the task has been delegated, or the Judicial Secretary or Notary freely chosen by both contracting parties.

You are interested in: Civil Registry of Malaga: average time to issue the matrimonial fileAfter the celebration, the couple must go to the Civil Registry to register the marriage.  Unlike what happens in the religious rite, it is the contracting parties who must complete this task. If the wedding is organized before a notary, it is the notary himself who registers the marriage, saving time and travel for the couple.

What to say at a civil wedding

Regardless of the place you choose, there are civil wedding documents that you will need to present if you want to get married and that will vary depending on your marital status. Do you want to know all the civil marriage documents that you will need in your case? Check out this handy guide for a civil wedding.

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The civil marriage documents should also include the literal certificate of the previous marriage with the inscription of the divorce or the marriage annulment in case one or both of you are divorced, and if one or both of you are widowed, the literal certificate of the first marriage and the death certificate of the spouse.

Surely the first thing you want to know at this point is how many witnesses there are in a civil wedding. But before answering this question it is important to clarify that there are two types of witnesses in a civil “I do”: one for the processing of the marriage file and two to sign the marriage certificate on the day of the wedding. The first one certifies with his signature that you marry freely and the second one that the marriage has been celebrated. What are the requirements for all of them? They must be of legal age and bring their ID card. They can be relatives or friends indistinctly, although in the first case you will have to certify it in the Civil Registry, city council or chosen notary’s office to avoid possible surprises.

Registering a marriage in Germany

In either case, you will be able to reserve a time for the demonstration and the celebration of the marriage, ideally six months in advance. This way you will be able to get married on the date of your choice. Otherwise, they will have to adapt to the availability of the civil officer.

In both cases you will have to indicate who will be your witnesses. In addition, both in person and online, if you are going to book a home wedding, you must indicate the address where the celebration will take place. That is, as long as the location (house, event center) corresponds to the jurisdiction of the civil officer.

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And Participation in the community property, in which the estates are kept separate. But if the regime ends, the spouse who acquired assets of greater value must compensate the one who obtained less. The objective is that both are equalized.

If they will say “yes” outside the office of the Civil Registry and within working hours, the value will be $21,680. While, if the ceremony will take place outside the office of the Civil Registry and outside working hours, the total to be paid will be $32,520.

Civil registry marriage spain

However, civil marriage does not necessarily exclude religious marriage, and, in fact, in many legal systems, in the case of a religious marriage, the civil marriage takes place simultaneously with it.

In some countries, the institution of civil marriage responds to a desire to separate the institution of marriage from the influence of religious institutions, thus being part of the movement for the separation of Church and State, or secularism, which began in the 18th century.

In the civil marriage ceremony the bride does not usually wear her typical dress for this purpose, as opposed to the religious marriage. Also, in some countries a marriage book or “family book” is usually given at the end of the ceremony, which is a document that proves the marital union and records other events, such as births and adoptions of children, the death of one of the family members, etc.

The most important requirement for a marriage to take place is the free consent of both parties expressed personally and jointly before the competent authority to celebrate it, except in the case of long distance marriages.

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What happens at a registrar wedding?
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