What is Concord University known for?

What is Concord University known for?

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His friendship with Cuban leader Fidel Castro was well known in the literary and political world. He worked as a reporter and film critic for the Bogotá newspaper El Spectador. In that same newspaper he wrote “Relatos de un Náufrago”, a series of fourteen chronicles about the shipwreck of the destroyer A.R.C Caldas.

He wrote about his experiences in El Independiente, a newspaper that briefly replaced El Espectador during the military government of General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla and was later closed by the Colombian authorities.


On November 30, 1791, gathered in the Events Hall of the University of San Gregorio Magno in the city of Quito (currently the Metropolitan Cultural Center), with the presence of 23 Creoles and one mestizo, the Sociedad Patriótica de Amigos del País was inaugurated, which from then on would be better known as the Escuela de la Concordia (School of Concord). The purpose cited in its installation minutes was to attend to topics related to education, sciences, arts, agriculture, commerce, economy and politics; the meetings were to be held once a week[2].

Disapproving that you had put into execution the establishment of the referred Society friends of the country, without my Royal approval in accordance with the laws that prohibit any meeting without this circumstance, I have resolved that as I command you to suspend its exercise until my Royal determination.

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Concordia is recognized for excelling in the fields of social sciences, health, engineering, science and humanities. It offers a flexible, experiential learning model that adapts to the expectations of its student.

Concordia advocates the management of innovation in research, learning and creative exposure to foster growth and development in all sectors of human life. Its students are rigorously exposed and prepared to a wide variety of knowledge by making, creating and creating.

In this regard, you will be educated to work autonomously, handle advanced technological devices and possibly create one to meet the demands of your field. Remarkable discoveries and inventions are made here and at Concordia, everyone is an inventor.

Like any other university, a distinguishing factor at Concordia is that it is fully committed to addressing social problems from a broad perspective through research.

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Maria Rodriguez, from Venezuela: Bachelor of Liberal Arts, studying English at the American Language Institute, ALI, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York University – NYU.

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What is Concord University known for?
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