What is jet Management cost?

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“Nuclear safety problems in some candidate countries are of great concern to the EU, even when considered independently of enlargement, and must be urgently and effectively remedied. It is essential that solutions, including closure of the necessary cases, be found for these problems in line with the nuclear acquis communautaire and with a “nuclear safety culture” established in the West as soon as possible, even before accession.” ( 5)

“The solution is not simply to close them down; they do not all present the same risk and, moreover, the cost of introducing alternative energy sources would be extremely high.” ( 6)

Other resources and mechanisms could be found in the Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession (ISPA), and the future 5th RTD Framework Programme could enable wider collaboration. On November 17, 1998, the Council and the European Parliament approved, under the co-decision procedure, the terms of reference of the program. The budget for the five-year program (1998-2002) is set at 14.96 billion ECU, of which 1.26 billion ECU is reserved for the separate nuclear program established under the Euratom Treaty. Part of this amount could also be allocated to the CEECs and the NIS for assistance.

Cost estimation of an example project

The idea is to make a comparison between the Hidroaysen project and the alternative of buying energy from Itaipu. In order to compare both projects, we must obtain an expression that is equivalent for both. In this way we will be able to see which option is more or less convenient for each case.

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As seen above, the costs associated with the investment of the power plant, excluding the transmission line, amount to USD 3.2 billion. To this value must be added the cost of the line, which includes the cost incurred in easements. Combining the cost of investment in the power plants with those previously obtained for the approximate cost of the line and the value of the easements, the total investment in the project amounts to USD 5,456.5 million.

With the development costs of both projects, a sensitivity analysis is carried out on the variables on which these values depend. In this way, certain conclusions are obtained regarding the convenience of one project or the other.

Cost estimation by lines of code

Nuclear energy is at the center of the debate arising from the need to shape a future in which we are able to provide a firm response to our energy needs while minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Renewable energies are the other major focus of attention in the challenge ahead of us all. The medium- and long-term strategy of countries that have opted to shut down their nuclear power plants is to meet most of their energy demand through nuclear power, but this does not mean that states that maintain their reliance on nuclear power will not also rely on renewables.

In fact, the United States and China, which rank first and third respectively in the ranking of countries with the most nuclear reactors on the planet (among them only France is holding its own), are advocating an energy model in which renewables will play a leading role and will be backed up by nuclear energy.

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We also spoke with Pedro Fresco (@PedroFresco), a renowned expert in energy markets and renewable energies who, like Alfredo, has a very strong didactic vocation. Pedro currently serves as Director General of Ecological Transition at the Generalitat Valenciana, a position of responsibility that reflects his commitment to building a sustainable energy future that is much more environmentally friendly than our current energy system.

The books that these two experts have published leave no doubt about their ability to disseminate and their firm intention to participate in the construction of an encouraging energy future. Pedro is the author of ‘El nuevo orden verde’ and ‘El futuro de la energía en 100 preguntas’, and Alfredo has published ‘La energía nuclear salvará el mundo’. All three are highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the energy sector.

“Nuclear power plants will eventually close, but they have to close little by little. The reason for the closure schedule, in addition to technical and logistical reasons, is not to affect the emissions of the electricity system in a significant way. It is not feasible to close them all in 2021, but it is feasible to do it little by little”.

What is jet Management cost?
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