What is the meaning of a flat fee?

Light flat rate

In order to cover all the situations that exist in the market, there are several types of flat rate electricity within it, depending on the consumption of users, which are divided into: micro, mini, medium, medium, maxi and extra. In the following table we detail each of these, including their monthly fees:

As a clarification they underline that it is a fixed fee, like those of the flat rates, and that the same amount is established for the 12 months. However, in this case the annual fixed price means paying the same energy price but the final amount will depend on consumption, tolls, etc.

Naturgy, formerly Gas Natural Fenosa, follows the same line by offering several classes depending on the power required by the dwelling, and they even have the same names as in the case of electricity. The following table shows their characteristics and prices.

Endesa does not have a flat rate for electricity. However, it has an option called “cuotadoce” that could be considered a flat rate for Endesa customers with the aim of combining electricity and gas supplies. Although they are charged individually.

What it means without flat rate

Are you tempted to sign up for a flat rate? They are advertised as fair and without surprises, but they do have them, and bad ones: they have consumption limits and are up to 46% more expensive than the PVPC.

Electricity tariffs are becoming increasingly complicated and many users are looking for simple alternatives that allow them to know how much they are going to pay. With flat rates, you pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of how much energy you consume. The amount of the fee is proposed to you by the commercializing company based on the consumption records of the home, which are contained in a database accessible to all companies.

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The fee is set according to historical consumption. It includes all costs and is valid for 12 months, without regularization. Payment protection insurance is included. There is also a flat rate for gas supply.

What is flat rate examples

The date of registration will be the day following the contracting of the product, and the conditions of the product will be automatically extended for monthly billing periods until the date of cancellation. If the date of registration does not coincide with the beginning of the billing period, the monthly fee will be prorated until it is adjusted to the billing period.

Línea Tarifa Plana is not compatible with other telephone lines other than the Línea Fija Individual, whether they are lines for specific uses or other line packages that include calls.

Variable rate

You must also take into account the level of the penalty. That is to say, in case of exceeding, how much you will be charged per kWh of more consumed. Remember that there are marketers that have flat rates for electricity, gas and electricity and gas.

It is impossible to contract a flat rate for a company with a consumption between 1 and 30kV. In these cases the hourly discrimination will be offered, in addition the previous tariff corresponds to the tariff 3.0 TD, thought as one of the most contracted tariffs of light for companies.

In the rest of the cases the opinions are especially negative due to the penalties. As we have already said, many of the companies will not charge you the kWh at the usual price, but may even double its price.

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What is the meaning of a flat fee?
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