What is the most expensive international school in Singapore?

What is the most expensive international school in Singapore?

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That’s like cheating at solitaire. If you want to cheat the system to get the best score on the exam, fair enough, but don’t sell me that you have a hell of a background. You have a very good system to get a good grade on the exam, that’s all. Not to mention the lack of proactivity, creativity, initiative of people.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to give work to a few Singaporeans and I’ve never seen people more paralyzed and dumbed down. Racial, I don’t think it is, so I guess it must be the fault of the education system they have. It is also true that as a result of this lack of initiative they are much more manageable, educated and you don’t have a country full of thugs… But well, all are opinions.

It is not as exaggerated as you paint it and you can’t extrapolate your particular experience to a population of 5 million people. Besides I tell you that many of my friends -more them than them- also have Phd. It’s a matter of time. That’s all. If you have been in the univ environment you will know the prevailing titulitis.

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To begin with, there are different curricula or methodologies, schools that follow the Singapore national system and international schools. This is the first important choice: which curriculum to follow: ideally, the system you choose should be the one your child will be able to continue with in the future, in case you have to move to another country.

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In Singapore the education system is of the highest quality and very demanding. Schools are regulated by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), which reserves these schools primarily for Singaporeans or those who achieve Permanent Resident status, and unfortunately there are few places allocated for expatriates.

For the rest of us, we usually have to decide between foreign schools, Foreign System Schools (FSS) or international schools, which are also supervised by the MOE. Here you can find a list of international schools in Singapore.

German or French schools are relatively easy because there are schools following the German or French systems in almost every part of the world: the famous Deutsche Schule or Lycée Français.

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5PISA test.In addition, Singapore performs well in the PISA 7 test, both in learning achievement and in the equity of students’ performance on the test, as can be seen in the following graph.In this graph, the vertical axis shows the average score obtained by students in the mathematics test, while the horizontal axis shows, as a percentage, the importance of students’ cultural capital on their learning outcomes. This indicator is offered as a measure of equity in learning outcomes.Figure 1: PISA Results. Quality and Equity (2012)Source: PISA in Focus 20128As can be seen in the graph, Singapore is in the upper right quadrant. In this quadrant are located the countries that obtain an average score above the average of the countries that participated in the study and, at the same time, the cultural capital of the students explains a low percentage of the results, in relation to what is observed in the rest of the participating countries.7 Acronym for Programme for International Student Assessment8 OECD (2014).PISA 2012 Results in Focus what 15-year-olds know and what they can do with what they know. Available at http://www.oecd.org/pisa/keyfindings/pisa-2012-results-overview.pdf (July 2015)

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The college located in Patiala, Punjab is affiliated to UGC, NAAC was established in 1956. It is ranked 4th among private colleges in India. It was granted autonomy in 1985. The college has studded alumni. It has signed up with Trinity University, Dublin to participate in imparting global standard education. The college has PG strength of 600+ and a teaching staff of 250+.

The college located in Gandhinagar of Gujarat was established in 2001. It is backed by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. They have student strength of 1110 and postgraduate strength of 150 with a faculty of 70. It is the first university in India to offer degrees for Information and Communication Technology.

The university was established in 1955 in Mesra of Jharkhand and is affiliated to AICTE, ACU, AIU, PCI, NAAC, NBA and UGC. It has UG student strength of 2955 and PG strength of 1013 with a faculty strength of 300. It was backed by BM Birla. The main campus is fully residential. There are additional extensions at Jaipur, Noida, Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, Deogarh, Ras-al Khaimah, UAE and Muskat.

What is the most expensive international school in Singapore?
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