Whats the difference between planning permission and building control?

Whats the difference between planning permission and building control?

Who grants a construction license

B) Other Autonomous Communities refer to major or minor works for other reasons: Decree 57/2006 of 25 May. CA Cantabria (regional urban planning regulations); Legislative Decree 1/2004 of 28 Dec. CA Castilla-La Mancha (TR of the Law of territorial planning and urban activity); Decree 347/2002 of 19 Nov. CA Aragón (Regulation of goods, activities, services and works of local entities).

C 2) Other Autonomous Communities give only part of the definition, without going into too much detail: thus article 1.2 of Decree 205/2003 of 16 Dec. CA Extremadura (enabling memorandum for the purposes of the building permit) provides that “For the purposes of this Decree, works subject to planning permission for works, building and installation are classified as follows:

(b) Ordinary works: ordinary works are those of extension, reinforcement or rehabilitation of a property whose destination is that of a dwelling or to serve as support for activities linked to said existing use, which only require the presentation of an enabling memory.

Difference between a construction license and a construction permit

This time we want to let you know the importance of processing your Manifestation of Construction, better known as Construction License or Building Permit, since in this way you will avoid excessive fines, the closure or definitive suspension of your construction, loss of the value of your property and in many occasions the complete demolition of your work, which will cause you great losses for not following the regulations and norms of the corresponding authorities.

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The Construction License, technically known as Manifestación de Construcción, is a permit required, normally by the local administration, for any type of construction that you carry out, and it is supervised by the municipal authorization to carry out the works. These entities must enforce the uses, buildability, accessibility and technical aspects approved for the respective constructions. Taking into account the land management plans and the special resource management plans of each city.

Building permit regulations

Likewise, municipal authorization is also required for other actions subject to urban planning license (both permanent and provisional) related to article 151 of Law 9/2001, of the Land Law of the Community of Madrid, such as:

Neither do constructions and buildings declared of imminent physical ruin require a demolition license, nor works derived from an execution order that obliges a specific work to be done.

In some cases in which the intended works or activity are not feasible in urban terms directly by means of a license, it is possible to process a Special Plan or a Detailed Study prior to the processing of the required license, and in other cases, the processing of the Special Plan or Detailed Study will be mandatory.

In some cases, when some of the intended actions are complex and/or come from real estate operations, it is necessary to carry out a joint analysis of the technical-urban feasibility with verification visits of the aforementioned aspects, whose conclusions are reflected in an Audit or in a corresponding Real Estate Due Diligence.

What is a construction license for?

Minor Construction License. It will be processed in accordance with Article 214.3 of Law 5/2014, LOTUP (modified by Law 1/2019), as well as Article 13 of the Regulatory Ordinance of the Procedure for the granting of urban and environmental licenses and related figures. 5th Modification. (Licensing Ordinance, hereinafter).

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Canopies for outdoor advertising, which will be adjusted to the determinations of the Ordinance of Facilities and Advertising Elements since its entry into force and which will be processed jointly with the rest of the works linked to the activity as provided for in articles 21 and 24.bis of this Ordinance.

The restoration or rehabilitation works are intended to restore the building to its original state, and may include partial replacements of structural elements that do not produce an essential variation in the structural system as a whole, as well as the incorporation of new installations to ensure the stability and adequate functionality of the building in relation to the needs of the use to which it is to be put.

Whats the difference between planning permission and building control?
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