Whats the most expensive private jet?

Whats the most expensive private jet?

What is the most expensive aircraft in the world

Charter flights allow passengers to hire an aircraft for their private use. They are the ones who have the possibility of defining the date and time of the trip. They can use it individually or with a group of people.

In addition to the experience of going on an exclusive flight, passengers save time by avoiding long boarding lines, delays and other “ups and downs” of conventional flights. This can also influence the ‘enjoyment of the trip’: advantages such as privacy, choice of routes and stopovers can be enjoyed.

The ‘Flapper’ page explains the variability of prices according to the aircraft. For example: a trip Bogota – Medellin can cost $ 5,500,000 at least in a Piston, $ 14,000,000 in a light jet and $ 24,000,000 in a Midsize jet.

On a Bogota – Medellin route, you can rent these aircrafts from $ Remember that the important thing is to consult the official portals of the companies in order to agree on a flight with all the necessary variables: duration, occupants and destination.

The most expensive plane in the world 2021

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 costs around $100 million. An example of its amenities are the personal TV screens that have been integrated into each of the 43 seats built into the private jet, which are in addition to a multiplex movie system that can be found on board. Meanwhile, there is a guest room with sofas that can be converted into beds if the need arises. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump has brought his usual touches to his private jet, which is why the Trump logo is everywhere, while the seatbelt buckles are gold-plated.

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Luxury private aircraft

The Gulfstream G700 has a wingspan of 31.39 meters, in addition to a huge cabin of 17.35 meters long, 1.91 meters high and 2.49 meters wide, which also places it as the tallest and widest in the industry. For this reason, its price will not be cheap at all, although for the segment it is aimed at it seems that it will not be much of a problem.

In addition to the wingspan and cabin, the Gulfstream G700 has a baggage area of 60 square meters. Because of this, it has a capacity of up to 19 passengers seated or 10 sleeping, as the seats recline to become beds.

The Gulfstream G700 has its own Jet ConneX Ka-band satellite WiFi service at no additional cost, which supports video streaming and video conferencing. We also find a new LED circadian lighting system, which, they claim, reduces jet lag and stress by mimicking sunrise and sunset environments during long flights.

The jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines that generate 18,250 pounds of thrust. In the cockpit we find an instrument panel with touch panels, side control sticks, predictive landing system that serves to report any anomaly on the runway, as well as a dual HUD that provides real-time information of the aircraft.

Private aircraft prices

What is the most expensive private jet in the world? Subtitle For sale for 500 million euros. The royal family of Qatar wants to part with this five-star Boeing B747-8 in vip version with capacity for 89 passengers.

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This aircraft is owned by the Qatari royal family, which wants to put it up for sale, including its interior full of luxury objects and services. The figure it could reach on the market would be 500 million euros, since Boeing will stop manufacturing it. The aircraft is adapted for 89 passengers, although it can seat 450 people.

The luxurious equipment includes seven galleys distributed on three levels, two meeting rooms, several libraries, a dining room with capacity for 14 people, 33 TV monitors and tablets, a bar decorated with comfortable armchairs, as well as an exclusive catering service that varies on each route according to the preferences of its users.

Whats the most expensive private jet?
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