Who employs the building control officer?

Types of contractors

Construction Management is necessary to comply with current regulations when it comes to building works. The following section describes the type of works considered as building works.

It is very important to have good professionals to develop this function in the work, since the main function, as it has already been indicated, is to direct the development in accordance with the Project, the License, etc. In numerous occasions, the professional who develops the Work Management is not the one who has previously developed the Execution Project, and before the lack of information or definition, and even the incongruence between the different documents that conform the project, the Director of the Work must solve these problems and give the suitable technical solutions, to continue with the execution of the work and not to delay the same one.

Due to these indefinitions in the project, as well as to the modifications that may be made during the course of the works, it is very common for additional prices to arise in addition to the contract budget, some of which may even imply an extension of the works deadline. Controlling these possible increases in both the budget and the construction period, trying to reduce or even eliminate these deviations, is another of the fundamental tasks of the Construction Management.

Site subcontractor

All the professional profiles studied in the various editions published and the skills required by companies to fill their jobs are shown. Given their volume, they are grouped into large professional groups.

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In Monthly/annual labor market information by occupation is available the update of the main labor indicators shown in the job offer profiles (dealing with the first request made by job seekers to intermediate in the labor market).

Construction site personnel

Construction material obtained from stone materials, by calcination of mixtures of clays and limestone. Mixed with water or another substance, a soft paste is obtained that has the capacity to bind, acquiring resistance with the passage of time. Cements are composed of clinker, gypsum and additions in different proportions by mass depending on the type of cement. A distinction can be made between natural and artificial cements.

It is a thermoplastic resin used in the manufacture of products for sealants and coatings. They are usually a mixture of two components (polyol and isocyanate). The product can be applied by spraying or injection. In the case of sprayed polyurethane, it is produced by an exothermic chemical reaction between approximately equal amounts of its components.

Adhesives, concrete and mortar additives, antifreeze, varnishes, cement, fuels, release agents, detergents, solvents, lacquers, glass cleaners, cleaners, paints, resins, silicones.

Civil construction contractor (masonry)

That, in the civil construction activity a problem linked to delinquency, organized crime and extortion has been identified, therefore preventing and sanctioning violence in this activity is within the framework of the delegation of powers provided for by Law No. 30336;

For the purposes of the present legislative decree, the following are intervening entities, within the framework of their competences, in the prevention and fight against violence in the civil construction activity:

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The present provision does not affect the competencies that other entities may have on the prevention and fight against violence in civil construction activity within the framework of the legislation in force.

b. Local Governments must communicate to the sector’s police station about all license applications and licenses to carry out buildings related to civil construction activities, under administrative responsibility, within no more than three (03) working days of their presentation and issuance, respectively. Said information is submitted in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.

Who employs the building control officer?
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