Who makes more money eBay or Amazon?

Who makes more money eBay or Amazon?


Jan202015Make MoneyThousands of people sell on eBay and make money from their accounts. There are those who sell things they have at home, second hand items; and there are professional sellers who make a living from eBay. This post is oriented to the latter, to make money selling on eBay and create your own source of income selling online: Making a living from eBay is possible!

Before you do anything crazy, finish reading the post. Don’t just go to eBay and create an account without having read everything explained in this post. If you get it right from the start, selling on eBay will be a great experience.

What you are going to sell on eBay depends on your capital or your ingenuity to make deals with manufacturers and distributors. However we will now look in detail at three options, one with capital and two without capital.

You will have to lower the price a bit, but the profit margin will still be good. This is called doing Dropshipping (drop shipping, dropshipping or drop shipment), “a type of retailing where the retailer does not keep the goods in his inventory, but passes the customer’s order (and shipping details) to the wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.”

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If done correctly, this process can generate huge profits. For Ty Blunt, figuring out how to resell products on Amazon has become his main source of income since he launched into this practice in May 2019.

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His method is to search for product listings on platforms such as eBay, Mercari and OfferUp and then analyze what products they are looking for on Amazon. When the profit margin is substantial, he buys the items on one of these platforms and then sells them on Amazon.

To help newcomers learn how to resell products, Blunt offers free lacROI and shares tips in YouTube videos. Here are his best tips for starting to make money in this type of marketplace:

The first step to resale success is understanding which products are worth buying and selling. While Blunt’s LacROI tool is excellent for this part of the process, it’s also worth noting that it’s possible to compare product listings on different websites manually.


Like any business success story, though, nothing is random. Blunt has developed a method that involves searching for product listings on eBay, Mercari or OfferUp and cross-referencing them with listings of the most in-demand items on Amazon. He then makes the purchases and resells them on the e-commerce giant for a higher price.

In addition to making a fortune with the resale business on Amazon, Ty Blunt also wants to share his knowledge with other people who may see in this activity a way to generate some extra income or, who knows, turn it into a full-time job. In this sense, the entrepreneur offers some advice before launching into the adventure.


With over 300 million customer accounts, 200 million visitors per month and around 2 million sellers, there is no doubt that this lucrative marketplace has a lot of potential for any online retailer with the right approach.

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This solid loyalty is reflected in its above-average conversion rate percentage of 13 percent for non-Prime members and 74 percent among Prime members. This offers much greater revenue potential than the 3.32% average conversion rate of standard commercial websites.

Amazon offers “individual” and “professional” accounts. Regarding fees, sellers on any account will pay a percentage of each sale to Amazon. This varies from 8 to 25 percent, depending on the product category. Professional accounts cost $39.99 per month on top of this. Individual accounts are free to operate, but have an additional flat fee of $1 per item sold, so anyone selling more than 40 products per month can benefit from a professional membership.

Who makes more money eBay or Amazon?
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