Why are purple bricks so bad?

Why are purple bricks so bad?

Common solid bricks

It is made of yellowish to reddish clay mixed with sand and can be coated with transparent varnish. The firing temperature varies from 1,050 to 1,070 °C. The popular use of the term earthenware applies or refers to most of the objects that make up domestic tableware, whose original material is fired clay. Two generic types can be distinguished: monochrome earthenware, generally white, and decorated earthenware.

The waterproofing of earthenware is achieved with a fluid glaze containing silica, minium, lead white and galena, all ground in water before firing. It reaches a great hardness and resistance, which makes it very suitable for domestic crockery.

Dry cord earthenware, another of the characteristic techniques of Andalusian ceramics, although developed in all its fullness in the time of the Catholic Monarchs, mixing the Muslim influence with the Gothic-Renaissance.

The handling of these bricks is not as simple as handling common bricks, due to the fact that because of their properties they react explosively with other materials that are not the correct ones. Refractory bricks, besides fulfilling their refractory function, are excellent heat containers.

Types of bricks and their sizes

The blood that flows through our veins and arteries is red. Its color is due to hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that is responsible for the major transport of oxygen to our cells. The substance has a heme group, a chemical structure with an iron atom at its center. This element, which is responsible for trapping the oxygen that travels in our blood vessels, provides the red color of the blood. Only on some occasions, with the presence of high cholesterol levels or the use of certain medications, its appearance in humans can change. But this is not the case in all living beings.

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Some New Guinea lizards, for example, have green blood, a hue due to the pigment biliverdin. This chemical compound seems to confer certain evolutionary advantages to different species of reptiles; in particular, some studies suggest that it may help the animals fend off attacks by malaria parasites. The blue blood of octopuses, caused by a pigment called hemocyanin, may also be related to their survival. Some studies suggest that it helps them survive at very low temperatures. Another pigment called bilirubin causes the skin and the whites of the eyes to turn yellowish if its levels increase too much in our blood – in which case we get jaundice.

Types of bricks and their uses

Already on the Bolivian side, Veronika lined up like any other mortal and opened her false passport with expectation: she would now live under an alias. What name would the Clandestine Operations Department of the party have given her? What would her new identity be?

The combi began its march, ah-ah, ah-ah. Without realizing it, Veronika had begun to hum the song, moving her head from side to side like a cab dog, how easy it is to torment herself afterwards.

When the brand new President Julio Guzman called for a Constituent Assembly nobody understood anything. Why was he doing it, if he said he would not do it? Then they remembered that it was the Purple Party and that they changed their position by flipping a coin.

Exiled, alone, sad, Verónika did not want to do anything: she did not turn on the computer, did not read, did not watch Netflix. She only let herself be won over by nostalgia and watched Plaza Avaroa day and night like a pigeon, while eating Chocosodas bought in Fidalga and humming the same shitty song that stuck to her in Desaguadero.

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How to tell if a brick is of good quality

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Why are purple bricks so bad?
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