Why are TIAA fees so high?

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Hoy sí atiendo provinciasFélix Villanueva – Aurum Consultoría y MercadoCommissions for sending money between citiesFélix Villanueva – Aurum Consultoría y Mercado 14/01/2016 10:56The upcoming massification of the electronic wallet should put an end to one of the main obstacles that companies and individuals have to pay, charge or send money between cities. This barrier is the so-called “other-place” or “inter-place” transfer fee.

The inter-plaza commission is a barrier to banking penetration and reduces the competitiveness of companies that want to expand beyond their borders or serve the country’s largest market, which is Lima.

When the procurement area of a company located in Lima wishes to purchase a product from a company located in Cajamarca, Ayacucho or Piura, it must consider several factors in its evaluation, such as price, quality, delivery time, after-sales service, among others, but it must also add an additional factor, which is the “inter-plaza” commission that it must pay for making the transfer to a supplier not located in Lima when paying the invoice for the product. This commission would not be paid if the company is in the same city of the request (in this case in Lima). Likewise, for the same transfer operation, the company located in Cajamarca, Ayacucho or Piura will have to deduct from its income an additional commission for receiving an inter-city transfer from another city.


Sometimes we give promotional codes that help us identify if you received a gift card or other discount that can be used from the app. If you don’t have one you can skip this step.

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During the opening process you will have a video call with one of our executives, who will verify that the information you are providing meets the requirements. Your information is protected, if you want to see the details of how we take care of it, click here.

For us, it is very important to comply with the regulations that govern us, one of them is this, to know the location where you are requesting to open the account. In addition, this information allows us to prevent possible fraud.

You will be able to deactivate it once you conclude your account opening process, however, we recommend you to keep it always active, so we can detect any irregular use of your account.

A beneficiary is a person designated by the account holder, so that in the event of death, the resources of the account will be delivered to him/her, according to the designated percentage. You can register a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5.

Financial inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean: access, use and quality.

I was told by the vice-president of the committee -who cannot attend this meeting because he is giving birth to a baby girl, that he does not know if it will be the block president or Juan Manuel Pedrini who will set the position of the Frente para la Victoria. In ten minutes Congressman Snopek arrives.

You are already aware of the announcement made by Vice Chancellor Foradori together with the British Secretary of State Alan Duncan. I would like to address three issues jointly in relation to this. The first is an eventual statement by this commission, on which there is agreement at least conceptually.

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I will say what I did. Vice Chancellor Foradori spoke to me and I told him that first I was going to have a meeting with the whole commission and only after that I was going to receive him, and that he was going to be summoned by the commission, with which he agreed.

To those who ask for Malcorra’s intervention, I say that the Chancellor will not be there next Wednesday and the resolution and the announcement was made by Foradori, who is the Deputy Chancellor. This is independent of the fact that later the committee may also decide to bring the Chancellor, but it seems to me that the first thing we have to do for a serious statement is to listen to the reasons.

Truth commissions around the world

Gabriel Boric seems to be the most likely winner of the presidential election. Therefore, it is of the utmost interest to analyze his government program in depth, especially in those matters that, for those things in life, one knows more thoroughly.

This is the case of social security, where the candidate’s proposal is a blunder, since it squanders the unrepeatable possibility of dealing a mortal blow to the economic concentration and the brutal prevailing inequality. How? By maintaining the current system, but eliminating at the root the brutal abuses and plundering committed against the affiliates through it.

Of these, 740 billion pesos were charged as “official” commissions, and therefore appear in their balance sheets and were reported in the quarterly statements of the affiliates. The remaining 460 billion pesos were “phantom commissions”, which are double payments for the same service they provide, which do not appear in their balance sheets and which are charged to members without informing them, without being recorded in their individual accounts, and without knowing to whom they are paid or how much or for what reason.

Why are TIAA fees so high?
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