Can I ask my parents for money?

Can I ask my parents for money?

How to ask for free money

All parents are different and some are more forgiving than others. You can’t always get what you want and you should be prepared to get a negative response. If you do the proper planning for your request, you may be able to get your parents to give in and buy you what you want. Always show respect for them and never be cruel or rude if you don’t get what you want.

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Excuses for asking my mother for money

As of September 1, 2021, new and improved regulations apply to parental allowance. It will be less bureaucratic, simpler and more flexible. You can find information about this on the Familienportal website.

How much parental benefit can I get? The amount of parental benefit depends on your personal situation and the parental benefit variant you choose. You can use the parental benefit calculator to get an estimate of the amount of parental benefit you are entitled to.  This estimate is not binding, i.e. you may receive more or less parental benefit. How and where can I apply for parental benefit? Parental benefit is applied for in writing. You should submit your application to the parental benefit office responsible for your case. You can get advice there beforehand. You can download the appropriate application form from You can also apply online.

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Check the child benefit supplementQuestions and answers about the new regulations and the relaxation of parental leaveGeneral information on the provisions, the qualifying period and the calculation of parental benefit.

How to ask a stranger for money

Relatives are often the best option to help you in case you have an unexpected expense. Asking for money can always be a little awkward; however, to make it easier, be honest about why you need the money. Sit down and have a serious conversation with your family member about how much you need and how you will pay. Put the agreement in writing to ensure that you both feel comfortable and understand the situation.

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How I ask my father for money

When we find ourselves in financial straits or on the verge of a new project for which we need financing, turning to our parents for financial help is often the first impulse. However, it is not always the best decision because mixing family and business may not be a great idea.

It is not the same to want to study a master’s degree than to undertake a project or buy a house, so depending on the objective we pursue, we will borrow money from our parents or from a credit institution. We will consider this option as long as our parents have the necessary resources to be able to help us, obviously.

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Keep in mind the amount of money you need but also keep in mind the amount of money your parents can actually lend you. You probably know their financial situation and have an idea of the amount of money they can put at your disposal during this stipulated period of time. Above all, be realistic and respectful of the lending party.

Can I ask my parents for money?
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