Can I repay my personal loan in 6 months?

Can I repay my personal loan in 6 months?

How to calculate the early cancellation of a loan

How do you cancel a personal loan? How do you do it? You’re probably asking yourself this question if you’re about to apply for one. But, as you can imagine, if in the end you don’t need the money or you have already recovered it, you can go back and cancel it. Of course, it’s important that you know how to do it.

First of all, what does it mean to cancel a personal loan? It means to terminate a contract by returning the money that the financial institution has lent along with the interest associated with the operation.

Can I go to jail for defaulting on a loan?

Loans without early repayment feesThere are currently several banks that allow you to repay a loan early without having to pay any fees. Although, as we have seen, the commission does not imply that the operation is not profitable, if we can avoid paying it, so much the better. ING, for example, does not charge commissions for this concept to the holders of its Orange Loan. EVO Banco does not apply them on its personal loan, nor does Ibercaja on its Préstamo Directo.The absence of this commission can not only be found in ordinary loans, but also in lines of credit. For example, Cofidis does not charge the holders of its line of credit, baptized as Crédito Directo, for early repayment.Back to the news ‘Does early repayment of a loan always pay off?’

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Calculator amortize installment or term

When you take out a personal loan, as a general rule, you are sure that you will be able to repay the debt month by month. But sometimes, unexpected situations arise such as a layoff or perhaps the illness of a family member, which make it impossible to meet the budgets that were planned.

Youtube Video What does it mean to be the holder of a loan? There are solutions in the event that a debt cannot be paid, but it is important to know, before taking out a personal loan, what it means to be the holder of one.

To begin with we have to know that the loans have personal guarantee, that is to say, when contracting a loan we offer as guarantee all your present and future goods. It is for that reason that, before a situation of prologue nonpayment, a judge, under request of the financial organization or of credit, can give sentence to that our goods are seized.

The most common are usually the bank account and the part of the salary or pension corresponding to the minimum wage, but if the amount of the debts is high, they can also seize the car, the house and all those goods that they believe necessary to pay off the debt.


When it comes to requesting financing to buy a car, enroll in university studies or carry out a new project at home, one of the options are the BBVA loans, up to 75,000 €. Find out here the rates, commissions, opening requirements and opinions of users who have already applied for them.

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The first step to apply for a personal loan from BBVA is to be very clear about the purpose, the estimated amount of money you are going to need, the interest and the repayment terms. Once these aspects have been determined, these are the ways to apply for it:

Before giving the definitive yes, BBVA will have to verify that you have sufficient economic solvency to meet the loan repayment terms. Depending on the type of loan you request, you will be asked for more or less documentation, but you will always have to provide it:

With BBVA personal loans you can get up to 75,000 euros to finance the project or asset you want. These are classified depending on the amount you request, being the majority of those of more than 3,000 euros compared to those of less:

Can I repay my personal loan in 6 months?
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