Can I use my husbands income for a car loan?

Can I use my husbands income for a car loan?

Can I sue my spouse if he or she does not give me money?

Community property also includes any income that either spouse or domestic partner (or both) earned during the marriage and anything that was purchased with that income. You can generally tell if an asset is community property by determining the source of the money that was used to purchase it. If the money to make the purchase was earned during the marriage or domestic partnership, the property belongs to the community.

Community property includes all financial obligations (debts) accrued during your marriage or domestic partnership. This is true even if the debt was incurred by only 1 person, or even if the credit card was in the name of only 1 spouse or domestic partner.

You may have more community property than you realize. For example, you may not know that if your spouse or domestic partner has a pension plan, you are entitled to some of the money in that plan if any of the money was earned during your marriage or domestic partnership. You may also have more community debt than you realize. Your spouse or domestic partner may have acquired debt on your behalf without your knowledge. If the debt was incurred during the marriage or domestic partnership, it also belongs to you.

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The debt of a car can be passed on to another person.

For the purposes of receiving the unemployment benefit, computable income is considered to be the assets, rights or yields that the unemployed person and, if applicable, the members of his/her family unit have, derived from work, from movable or real estate capital, from economic activities and those of a benefit nature, except for the Social Security allowances for dependent children and the amount of the quotas destined to the financing of the special agreement with the Social Security Administration.

In the same way, the full (gross) yields of movable capital, in cash or in kind, that come from patrimonial elements, goods or rights have to be computed as long as they are not real estate and are not assigned to economic activities. E.g.: income from current accounts.

All the incomes are imputed to their holder, but those derived from the exploitation of an asset of exclusive property of one of the spouses, if the matrimonial regime is that of community property, will be imputed by half to each of the spouses.

How much my husband should give me in expenses

For new vehicles with pledge you can access up to 12 months of grace to capital according to your profile. During this period, you pay monthly installments made up of interest and debtor insurance. At the end of the grace period, you start paying full installments that include principal.

In addition to the full 12 monthly installments of your loan (principal, interest and insurance), you pay two extra installments in June and December, which correspond to double the principal. In this way, your monthly installments are progressively lower and you will have more cash flow. Applies to employees with permanent contracts and pensioners who earn premiums in June and December.

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A loan can be passed on to another person

In the case of a mortgage loan, it is recommended that the dividend does not exceed 25% of the income and that you have saved ideally 20% of the sale price to pay the footing, although currently there are several banks that give the option to pay this item through their credit cards.

If in spite of this your income is not enough, you can present receipts of occasional work that you have done and complement your income. And there is always the option of generating new sources of income.

If you change jobs very often it means that it will be at least a couple of months before you will be able to pay the installment of your credit. You will have more important expenses to cover, such as rent or dividends, food, etc.

This includes the salary of all the members of the group and extra income (“pololos”, “pitutos”, odd jobs, etc.). This is the average amount of money the family has to cover all their expenses and live on a monthly basis.

The important thing is to gather all the documentation that proves this income, for each member of your family environment. That is to say, work contracts, receipts, invoices and deposit receipts for work done.

Can I use my husbands income for a car loan?
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