Do they do 40 year mortgages?

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Times are good for the mortgage market, which after the paralysis caused by the pandemic has rebounded to record its best figures in a decade. After an exceptional 2021, the sector’s recovery is expected to continue in 2022, thanks to a boom in demand for housing, record savings and the low cost of financing. However, experts predict somewhat weaker growth and stability. The current preference for fixed rates will continue and financial institutions will continue to compete for mortgages, which will keep prices at historically low levels, although no further reductions are expected.

Looking ahead to 2022, the outlook is very positive, although some moderation is expected, with growth of between 5%-10%. Ferran Font, director of studies and spokesman for, estimates a lighter annual increase of around 1%, up to 405,000 mortgages in 2022. “It would mean being in a very healthy situation,” he says.

“Mortgages can hardly continue to fall in price, also taking into account the recent behavior of prices,” comments Lorenzo Cano, head of financing for individuals at Ibercaja. “Entities are offering really attractive mortgage solutions, a situation that will not change unless there are changes in the Euribor or inflation is not a problem,” says Josep Vera, director of business development at And Villén stresses: “We do not see a downward trend and, foreseeably, fixed-rate mortgages could become slightly more expensive”.

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This point is especially important, since the quota of a variable mortgage can change in each revision and, if the Euribor rises, we will be able to pay much more. Therefore, by extending the term of the mortgage, we will be exposed to these possible increases for a longer period of time.

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To get financing for your house you must know the requirements of the mortgages and fulfill them all. Here we explain all the conditions so that you can get the mortgage that best suits your needs.

Choosing among the best mortgage loans and differentiating them from other similar products is not always easy. Here we explain you how these products are and we help you to choose between them….

Did you know that you can get a more attractive mortgage with an intermediary or a mortgage broker? You can negotiate better conditions if you are solvent and, in case you have little …

Looking for a good mortgage? With the best mortgages of February 2022 you can finance the purchase of your first home with a fixed rate of less than 1.50% or a variable interest rate of less than euribor…

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If you are looking for the best young mortgage on the market and prefer to opt for a variable rate mortgage (i.e. one that charges an interest rate that is the result of adding the value of the Euribor plus a differential), Kutxabank has the cheapest offer this month. Its Hipoteca Joven Variable charges an interest rate of Euribor+0.79%, although during the first 12 months you will pay a fixed interest rate of 1.4%.

If you already know the differences between variable and fixed mortgages and you think that the latter are the most convenient for you, you should know that the best fixed rate mortgage for young people on the market is the Hipoteca Vamos de Ibercaja for young people (at 1.15%). Like the other offers of this type, with this loan the interest you pay will not change throughout the life of the loan and, therefore, will prevent you from having to worry if the Euribor rises again.

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If you are interested in taking out a young person’s mortgage from La Caixa, you should know that the bank does not offer any in its catalog. However, this does not mean that it does not offer special financing conditions to younger customers, only that it does not advertise them openly on its website and that it negotiates on a case-by-case basis.

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You can apply for a mortgage using our simulator to calculate your mortgage payment.  Once you know the monthly payment that suits your needs, you can fill out the CasaFácil mortgage application form and start the process.

You can check your mortgage payments already paid in Enjoy Life > Loans and Mortgages > My Loans.    Click on the contract and go to “Consult the amortization table”. Then leave only the “Paid bills” option selected and click on the “Search” button.

Do they do 40 year mortgages?
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