How can I borrow money from mobile?

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A personal loan is an operation through which the financial institution provides the client with a certain amount of money, previously stipulated, through a contract in which the client acquires the obligation to pay back the money within a certain period of time.

NIR, or nominal interest rate, is what you pay a bank in exchange for lending you money. APR, or annual percentage rate of charge, indicates the cost of a financial product, including both the interest and the various associated costs and fees.

Yes, you can amortize part or all of your loan before the term indicated on the application. To do so, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of 0.50% of the outstanding principal, if there are less than 12 months left to pay it off, and 1% if there are more than 12 months left to pay it off.

If there is a delay in the payment of a personal loan, interest for delay will be applied. In addition, failure to make payments could have serious financial consequences (e.g., forced sale of property) and make it difficult to obtain other loans.

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Recommendations: Defaulting on your obligations can generate fees and late interest. Taking out loans that exceed your payment capacity affects your credit history. In case the monthly payment is made through the automatic debit service to your checking account, you must have funds available on the payment dates for the proper management of your credit and avoid paying late interest. We remind you that at any time you may request the cancellation of such direct debit at no cost, in which case you must make the payments directly at the branch or at Bancanet.

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Finnu arrives in Mexico with the objective of granting this type of secured loans with the best conditions in the market. This fintech will grant loans with an amount proportional to the value of the cell phone you register as collateral with the difference that you will not have to leave it and you can continue using it.

Currently, there is a waiting list of 12,000 users registered from the platform to obtain financing with Finnu. However, its launch in the country will be in two phases: in the first, 50 to 100 users will be chosen from the waiting list to acquire an interest-free loan.

Finnu will grant personal loans through a completely digital process from its mobile application, so there will be no additional costs or paperwork as with other financial institutions.

At the moment the loans are only available for users of Samsung cell phones, however, it is expected that later you can get a loan with other types of Android phones.

Loans via telephone

Loans by phoneLoans by phone are financial operations with the particularity that they can be managed through a phone call; this is the reason why they are an extremely interesting option. If you need a loan by phone, compare first with our loan comparator from your cell phone. Home Personal Loans Online Personal Loans Online Loans Fast Loans Phone Loans

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How can I borrow money from mobile?
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