How can I get a quick loan without job?

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We have selected some of our most interesting alternatives that offer the best conditions in the market for those who do not have a salary.▸What do you want to know about loans without a salary?Comparador de préstamos sin nómina: febrero 2022

1. Microcréditos24Go to the offerLearn more about Microcréditos24It is one of the entities that offers the highest amount and repayment term to its new customers: 400€ interest free and to be returned in up to 70 days. After making the request you will be able to enjoy the money in just a matter of minutes. Microcreditos24 looks for the best loans in the market to compare them and find the best option available for the applicant. Advantages of Microcreditos24’s loans without salary.

Disadvantages of Microcreditos242 loans without payroll. FintonicGo to the offerLearn more about FintonicIt is one of the best known companies for personal finance management. It presents a wide variety of loans from 1,000 to 50,000 euros. Among the options it offers are also loans without payroll, its tool will help you find the best and you can get it in 24 hours.Advantages of loans without payroll of Fintonic

Apply for a no-payroll loan online

Younited Credit and Vivus lead this month’s ranking of the best loans without salary: the former has the most attractive offer if you do not want to direct deposit your salary in another bank and the latter if you do not have a regular income.

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If you prefer to find for yourself the proposal that best suits your needs, do not forget that you can compare the characteristics of all the offers on the market and hire the one that most interests you through our personal loan comparator and our microcredit comparator.

The digital company specialized in consumer finance Younited Credit offers, this month, the best personal loan without direct deposit of your salary in the market, with its Younited Credit Loan. This product will allow you to borrow between 1,000 and 50,000 euros, to be repaid over a period of between six and 84 months, in exchange for a minimum interest rate of 1.83% NIR.

However, you must bear in mind that this interest is the minimum that the entity will charge you, and that, depending on the risk analysis carried out, it could increase. However, it will never exceed 15.37%. As for the rest of its features, the Younited Credit Loan does not charge for the study or for early repayment (i.e., if you decide to repay your debt, or part of it, early). What it can charge is an origination fee, although it does not do so in all cases. In addition, the amount of this commission will never exceed 12% of the amount of the loan.

I lend you money without asking for any requirements

When you are looking for loans without a salary, you must take into account that this is one of the greatest guarantees that the bank has to know that the person requesting the loan will be able to pay back the money in installments.  Having a direct deposit of your paycheck is not essential to access a loan, but it is usually helpful for its concession, or it could even help you to get a lower interest rate.

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You have alternatives to access a loan instantly. For example, acquiring a credit card you will be able to make, whenever you need it, a cash transfer from your card to your account, up to the limit amount that you have granted. In this way you will be able to access extra money instantly, and pay it back in easy installments.

In any case, the monthly payment will always be composed of two elements: the capital that we have borrowed, and that we are paying back, and the interest we pay on that money. Therefore, and thanks to the amortization table, we can see how this debt evolves month by month.

Quick loans

We are going to tell you how to take out a loan with just your ID, where you can find financial companies that ask for low requirements, which are the companies that lend you cash and which ones allow you to do the whole process online.

Credil is a financial company that offers personal loans with a single signature, exclusively in person at a branch. Its loans are in cash and it has plans with and without pay stubs. So if you are looking for a loan in cash and only with your ID, this company is an excellent option.

To get a loan only with your ID, you will have to look for companies that allow you to access their financing lines with minimum requirements, for example Banco del Sol.    This is the bank of the Sancor Seguros group.

It is a digital bank that offers services completely online. The account opening is completely free and it only asks for a personal e-mail address, an identity document and that you take some pictures to make sure you are who you say you are. This way you can access their financial services, including those of the personal loan segment.

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How can I get a quick loan without job?
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