How can I get real money for free?

I need to earn money urgently without investing

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Pages to earn money

From having a blog on a specific topic and monetize it, to streaming or becoming a Youtuber, but in some cases it may not be so easy to achieve any of these options, but if you have the skills you should not stop trying.

With this tool you can place advertising on your YouTube channel or website, but you must meet the conditions to monetize and thus receive money for each person who sees or clicks on an ad.

This company is based in Argentina, so its operations are focused on Latin America, with almost 2 million registered freelancers and more than 27 thousand jobs done per month.

To reach an agreement with a client, you just have to look for the project that best suits your skills and prepare your budget. You should be alert because you may be asked for some additional information or you can improve the offer of other people in order to win the job.

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The Amazon affiliate program boom was a sensation until they updated the terms and conditions, but don’t worry, you can still earn some extra cash with this platform.

How to make money online 2021

Fortunately there are ways to generate income through the Internet that really work although it is true that you will need to spend time and effort to get it (like everything worthwhile in life). The good thing is that thanks to the Internet and the tools that are coming out today is easier than ever.

I used to spend all day surfing pages and watching ads to receive 5€ every month or I used to spend my time looking for miraculous methods and systems that other people in my same situation recommended me.

Today, thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to make money online because we can reach everyone. Setting up an automated business is more complex but to start these ways can allow you to generate enough income with dedication.


Nowadays most people have a cell phone and carry it everywhere they go. You are probably reading this article from yours right now. And surely, you have several applications that you are constantly updating or you may even like to discover new ones….

I have compiled a list of the apps to earn money that I like the most, with a brief description of each one. Of course, don’t think that you are going to earn astronomical amounts of money. Your earnings will be a few euros per month, which is better than nothing, don’t you think?

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In each task or action, you will be told the money or points you will earn when you complete it. This money or points will be added to your account and you will be able to redeem them when you reach the minimum required by each company and by the payment method you choose.

The friends you invite to the application must register using your code, so they become your referrals. You will also build your referral network, with which you will be able to earn a percentage of their future earnings.

How can I get real money for free?
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