How can I make money fast as a kid?

How can I make money fast as a kid?

How to make money as a 10 year old

The youngest have been born with technology and therefore, they have that “innate” facility to handle computers and cell phones. In this sense, do not neglect the possibility of creating your own thematic blog and make it generate money with advertising, cpa and affliados.

It is likely that many pages ask you to be of legal age to register, in this case, ask for support from people you trust a lot (such as your parents or siblings), in order to make the respective records and collect the profits until you are of legal age.

Sites like,,, forosalvaje and fiverr (if you speak English), can be interesting spaces and one of the things to do to earn money as a teenager. Don’t waste any more time!

How to make money as a 9 year old

Fortunately there are ways to generate income through the Internet that really work although it is true that you will need to spend time and effort to get it (like everything worthwhile in life). The good thing is that thanks to the Internet and the tools that are coming out today is easier than ever.

I used to spend all day surfing pages and watching ads to receive 5€ every month or I used to spend my time looking for miraculous methods and systems that other people in my same situation recommended to me.

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Today, thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to make money online because we can reach everyone. Setting up an automated business is more complex but to start these ways can allow you to generate enough income with dedication.

How to make money as a child in quarantine

So, thinking about this, I decided to prepare this article showing several business ideas that you can develop and start to make money being a minor. Many of them can be done from home, but all of them need to have the support and monitoring of their parents, because things are not as simple as they seem. So, take note!

One of the most traditional options that minors use to earn money is to perform maintenance on the computers of neighbors, relatives, friends and people close to them. Even I have performed this type of service a lot, getting to earn good money every month, as the cost of formatting a computer here in my city was US$10 at the time when I was doing this service, even getting to perform up to 5 times a week this service.

So if you are good with computers, you can also offer this type of service and make good money every month with formatting, installing programs, removing viruses and other related services. Especially because in almost every home there is at least one computer, and sooner or later it will need maintenance.

How a 10-year-old can make easy money in quarantine

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How can I make money fast as a kid?
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