How can I use my EIN to get credit?

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Check out our interview-style online EIN application so you don’t have to file Form SS-4! We ask you questions and you answer us. The application includes help topics available within the application, and key words with links to references and definitions, eliminating the need for separate instructions. After all validations are completed, you will receive your EIN immediately upon completion. From there you can download, save and print the confirmation notice – it’s fast, free, and user-friendly!

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If your accounts meet the criteria for reportable information, you will receive the corresponding tax documents from us. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires us to report certain information regarding the amount of interest, dividends or miscellaneous income, or gross proceeds from sales that our customers receive from us, as well as certain interest on mortgage loans and interest on student loans that our customers pay to us. We use specific forms, such as IRS Forms 1099 and 1098, to report income and interest paid annually. You may have the option to set your delivery preferences for how you wish to receive your tax documents based on the types of accounts you have. To update your delivery preferences for your tax documents, log in to Wells Fargo Online® Internet Banking.

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Self-registration via the application, website or terminal is free of charge. You can also register via the hotline, for which a flat fee of €3 applies. To activate your customer account, an initial balance of one euro must be debited. You can either transfer this amount or charge it to your credit card and your customer account will be authorized immediately. In the case of transfers, it is usually authorized within two to four days, depending on the bank.

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If you have indicated a credit card as payment method, you will be charged for your travel fees, usually within 24 hours of the loan, and if you choose the charge payment method, we will deduct the outstanding amounts each month from your bank account. We will notify you in advance by SMS when the outstanding fees are debited.

If you terminate and your customer account is deleted, we will transfer the remaining balance to you if you wish. Otherwise, the balance will remain in your customer account so that you can continue to travel.

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To ensure accurate tax reporting for you or your business and to avoid possible IRS withholding, it is extremely important that you update your Square account to match IRS records.

You can review or update your tax identification information, business name and any other business tax information you have provided to Square at any time directly from your online Square Data Dashboard.

For security reasons, we do not have access to your tax information. If you are unsure whether you associated your EIN with your Square account when you created it, log in to your Square Data Dashboard and confirm your business tax information.

In the United States, the state where your taxpayer information is associated will determine qualification for a 1099-K form. In most states, accounts that meet both of the following criteria qualify for a Form 1099-K and Square must report them to the IRS:

How can I use my EIN to get credit?
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