How do I apply for a mini loan?

How do I apply for a mini loan?

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Mini credits (or mini loans) are a service provided by credit institutions through which a person can borrow an amount of money (up to 600 euros) in exchange for repaying it within a maximum period of 30 days while also paying interest or fees.

These loans of less than 600 euros are generally marketed by private lenders with a website. These lending companies must be registered in the Mercantile Register and comply with the legislation in defense of consumer rights like any other company in any other sector. Therefore, they are obliged to clearly inform about the contracting conditions.

This market is not only regulated in the euro zone. In the United Kingdom, although there are no restrictions on interest rates, the companies involved in marketing them are obliged by law to declare the APR they apply. In Australia there are restrictions on maximum interest rates. In certain states, a maximum rate for mini-loans of 48% has been imposed. Canada also has an interest rate cap of 60 % per annum. In the United States they are prohibited in 13 states either explicitly or by usury laws. In the remaining 37 states they are permitted.

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On the contrary, when you think about bank loans, it is normal to go to large amounts of money and important requirements and conditions of access. The purchase of a car, the renovation of the home?

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In addition, to prove that we can repay the microloan online, it is usual to require both a bank statement showing the state of our accounts, and proof of income; this can be from a paycheck to the receipt of a pension.

In addition, unlike regular loans, the mini loan must be repaid in full after 30 days, since in case of delay interest for late payment will be charged. There is, therefore, no possibility of instalments.

Given its interest and its fast maturity, this form of financing is only recommended for customers who have to face an unforeseen expense or an emergency and are sure that they will be able to repay the capital requested, plus the corresponding interest, within one month. However, since the interest rate is fixed and the repayment period is short, the client always knows the exact cost of the loan.  Therefore, you can start by making a simulation to calculate the loan and see the conditions that you would be left with.

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The so-called mini loans are a fast financing formula that allows any person to have instant access to money. They are based on the agility in the process, the few conditions required to the applicant and the repayment in a short period of time. The proliferation of these mini-credits is based on the current need for liquidity of consumers in the face of the economic crisis and the subsequent lack of credit circulation.

The term of return of the amount of the mini credits is another of the key factors of this type of products when amortizing the amount to be returned plus the fees in periods that do not exceed the monthly payment. These instant and short-term credits allow, therefore, the user to amortize the loan in a few days and reset his account to zero, that is to say, he has the possibility of requesting as many mini-loans as he wants as long as he makes the repayment within the agreed term.

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Another essential point of any financial product related to credit is that linked to interest. First of all, we would like to remind you that, in the terminology used by microcredit management companies, the so-called “interest” is called “fees”. The reason for this is that, in the case of short-term operations, the applied values of the A.A.R.E. give an unrealistic and distorted figure that misleads clients.

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It is an institution that concentrates the credit information of all credit grantors (banks, commercial houses, cellular phones, etc.), and is used to consult the credit history of individuals.

How do I apply for a mini loan?
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