How do I get out of a predatory loan?

Unfair terms examples

2. The experts study each case in order to file a legal claim against usurious interest: we will advise you on the claim option with the best chances of success (claim for usury, for lack of transparency, for abusive clauses, or for all of them).  You will be able to go to court with a law firm of recognized prestige, specialized in the matter.

Household consumer credit is growing at over 15%, with a serious risk for families, who fall into a dangerous situation of over-indebtedness, but also for the entities.

Added to this are deferred payment cards with usurious interest rates and, more dangerously, “revolving” cards, where the user pays less than the amount due, so that the debt continues to increase.

Often, it is users with fewer resources who are trapped in a spiral of infinite debt, caused by usurious interest rates. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that any “loan contract with an interest rate significantly higher than the normal interest rate and manifestly disproportionate to the circumstances of the case or in such conditions as to be unfair” is considered null and void. So if your interest is usurious, we help you to claim.

Abusive interest

It is not for less, and most of their products charge too high interests that make that their clients are involved in debts that they cannot assume or paying unassumable interests for the value lent.

For this reason many users decide to go to court, seeking to recover their money and have the clauses of their contracts declared null and void by a judge, leaving them totally or partially invalid.

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Creditea is a fintech focused on personal financing products. Although it also promotes a line of microcredits and loans for the self-employed, its main source of business is the granting of quick and personal loans together with the respective interest collection.

In this way, Creditea continues to sign hundreds of contracts for microcredits with users in economic difficulty. Contracts that can end up becoming a spiral of indebtedness for the most disadvantaged from which it is not easy to get out of without professional advice and help.

Abusive clauses in contracts

In addition to the alleged misrepresentation regarding loan terms, lenders also acted as unscrupulous debt collectors who falsely threatened borrowers with lawsuits or arrest.

Be careful when sharing your personal information. Whether your visit to a payday lender’s online site results in a loan or not, simply entering your information on the site can result in trouble. Selling personal and financial information is big business. People who buy your information can use it to sell you products and services, charge for products and services you did not purchase or charge amounts other than what you authorized, or attempt to steal your identity.

Even if you do not click the “submit” button to complete the transaction, your information may be captured through keystroke logging – a program that allows you to see and save everything you enter in the application.

Loan sharking

Are you thinking of claiming against your bank for a revolving card? Before you start, it is advisable to know if your case allows you to claim the interest on your revolving card, how much you could recover with a refund and, above all, how to do it out of court for free and fast. We tell you everything you need to know before making a claim to your bank.

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Many people, following the Supreme Court’s 2020 ruling on revolving cards, are seeking to claim interest on revolving cards because they consider them to be abusive. If you are one of these people, it is very important for you to know that there are two ways of claiming to your bank that do not have to be exclusive.

You can initiate an out-of-court complaint process on your own and, if it does not work, you can go to a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer without first exhausting other remedies, you will lose communication with your bank.

In the following video we tell you the best way to claim for your revolving card. In addition, you will know in which case to go to a lawyer, how much it could cost you and how long the whole process could take:

How do I get out of a predatory loan?
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