How quickly can I get a bridging loan?

How quickly can I get a bridging loan?

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Does your bank offer you a loan without you having asked for it? Here we explain what are the characteristics of preapproved loans, to which customers they are offered and if you are interested in taking out a loan without waiting, we show you the best options.

Pre-approved loans are personal loans that a bank offers to its customers without them having asked for them. That is to say, the bank will analyze our profile (income, expenses, savings and the linkage) and will decide according to this analysis how much money it can lend and at what price.  Thus, the better the profile, the greater the savings and the greater the linkage, the better our chances of getting a preapproved loan with better conditions will increase.

Pre-approved loans emerged as a response from banks to compete with quick loans granted by private capital entities, since their granting process was much slower due to the need for a more in-depth analysis. Therefore, by performing the analysis in advance, with pre-approved loans we will be able to obtain the credit on the same day.

Santander bridge mortgage

Bridge loans are a type of temporary financing requested when there is an immediate need for financing and whose validity expires when the definitive loan is formalized, always with the guarantee of a future income of the borrower or debtor.

Bridge loans are a type of financial product used especially for the acquisition of new homes when the person does not have enough time to sell their current residence beforehand.

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It is possible that, at the end of the grace period, you have not been able to sell your current home. In such a case, the debtor will have to repay in full the money that was given to him/her when applying for the bridge loan, with the corresponding interest, as well as the loan for the current home.

The great advantage of the bridge loan is that it allows you to buy a new house, without having to burden yourself or sell your current residence, gaining the necessary time to make the change. In addition, during the grace period, although you will be paying the current mortgage loan and the bridge loan, remember that you will only pay the interest on the bridge loan; in other words, you will really be paying back only one loan.

Bridging mortgage

Aimed at SMEs, this financing alternative consists of a contract whereby a company transfers the service of future collection of existing receivables and invoices in its favor and, in exchange, immediately obtains the money from these operations, albeit at a certain discount.

Bootstrapping refers to the financing of projects through the founders’ own savings and income generated from turnover, without relying on external financing such as investments or loans. This formula, popularized in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, requires lowering expectations in the short term and investing all efforts in obtaining revenues to subsequently invest them in the growth of the business.

Service exchange or ‘bartering’ involves reaching commercial agreements with other companies, through the obtaining of a benefit without monetary exchange. Although it is not a direct financing system, it helps to reduce fixed costs and can lead to savings that can be used to cover other needs. However, this option has some negative aspects: it creates a relationship of dependence between the companies and there is a risk that one of them will not comply with the agreement. There are two types of bartering:

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How quickly can I get a bridging loan?
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