Is Cardiff co real?

Is Cardiff co real?

Where Wales is on the map

Therefore, Cholo Simeone’s team had to go all out in the second leg at home. And so it was, in just 19 minutes of play at the Vicente Calderón, Atlético de Madrid led 2-0. Counting on the sensational support of their fans and the pressure of the stadium, Atlético played a magnificent first 20 minutes. From this moment on, Real Madrid started to dominate the ball and it was then when, after an excellent play by Karim Benzema, Isco Alarcón made it 2-1.

After this, both Atlético and Real Madrid created chances, some of them very clear, such as Gamerio’s header with a sensational save by goalkeeper Keylor Navas. But the scoreboard did not move any more.


A taste of the Welsh Take a trip to Cardiff market to try Welsh specialties such as cockles and laver bread, dumplings, special Welsh pie, Welsh cheese and a full Welsh breakfast. For a Welsh Rarebit or lamb stew we recommend Madame Fromage (in Castle Arcade) or Garland’s Cafe (Duke Street).

Welsh lamb is legendary. The best in town can be found at the Potted Pig (St Mary Street), Bullys (Romilly Crescent), an Indian restaurant The Purple Poppadom (Cowbridge Road East) and The Clink restaurant (Knox Road), which is run by Cardiff prisoners. If you get hungry in the early mornings you can eat chips in Caroline Street. Welsh beer is created by a company called Brains, and you can drink a pint of the famous beer – The SA – in most pubs including Elevens Bar and Grill (Castle Street) – a pub that Gareth Bale co-owns.

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There’s no shortage of craft beers either – if you go to Brewdog (Westgate Street), Tiny Rebel (Westgate Street) and Small Bar (Church St) you can find a good variety. For a taste of home For Pintxos, sherry and ham, go straight to Curado Bar (Guildhall Pl). If you fancy tapas you should go to Bar 44 (Westgate Street) for ham and delicious croquettes, while Asador 44 serves Rubia Gallega chuletón bife and Segovia lamb.


Cardiff (in Welsh, Caerdydd) is the capital of Wales and its largest city, as well as the most important commercial, cultural, sports, educational and media center in the country. It is also the eleventh largest city in the United Kingdom. It is a unitary authority[1][2] located in southeast Wales, on the banks of the Bristol Channel and close to the English border.

Experts believe that the name Cardiff and its Welsh equivalent Caerdydd derive from post-Roman Brythonic words meaning “fortress on the Taff”. Dydd or Diff are the two modifications of “river Taff”, the river on which Cardiff Castle stands (with the mutation of the letter “T” to “D” in Welsh). According to one of the leading modern authorities on toponymy,[5] the Welsh pronunciation of Caerdyff as Caerdydd is a sample of the colloquial Welsh “-f” and “-dd” permutation.[6] In the past, antiquarians such as William William William and his wife, William and their children, have been known to use the Welsh pronunciation of Caerdyff as “Caerdydd”.

In the past, antiquarians such as William Camden suggested that the name Cardiff might derive from the name Caer-Didi (“the Fort of Didius”) in honor of Aulus Didius Gallus, the governor of a province near the time the Romans erected a fortress in the locality. Although some modern websites repeat this theory as fact, it is refuted by modern language scholars, such as Professor Pierce Gwynedd of Cardiff University, who dismissed it outright.[7] The theory is also refuted by modern language scholars.

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Wales country

Real Madrid booked their place in the final of the Champions League on Wednesday despite losing 2-1 at Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the semifinals of the continental tournament, making good on a 3-0 win in the first leg.

It would take until almost the end of the first half for Toni Kroos, after an excellent play by Karim Benzema in which he dribbled three red and white defenders, to release a shot that Oblak denied, but his rebound was picked up by Isco for the white goal (43).

Is Cardiff co real?
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