What does a caravan starter pack include?

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Every time the president of the United States moves, everything necessary to ensure his physical integrity moves with him, so that he can make any state decision at any time, including responding to a nuclear attack, if necessary. This is ‘the president motorcade’.

As cumbersome as it may seem, this rolling shield is still a mobile version of the one that surrounds the president in the White House on a daily basis; it is understandable that it is sometimes a little out of touch with reality.

Always close to the limousines circulates a vehicle with antennas on the roof, some elongated and others flat and domed; they call it watchtower, watchtower, and its mission is to interfere communications to prevent the remote activation of any device. It is also believed that it can detect remote-controlled projectiles and, in that case, cover the convoy with a smoke screen that interferes with the infrared and laser beams used to guide grenades and missiles; this information is not official, but it is inferred that both in the USSS electronic countermeasures Suburban -that is the name of this portentous vehicle- and in the limousines there are cameras that allow seeing through that smoke.


The Hobby Landhaus caravan always looked proud at the most important caravanning fairs in Europe but the manufacturer has decided to stop its production for a while; we dedicate its well-deserved farewell, temporary.

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The Hobby LandHaus was marketed in Europe in two different layouts: island bed (770 CFF) and twin beds (770 CL). Both units measured 9.13 meters long by 2.50 meters wide and weighed 2.3 tons, which made it a long-stay caravan due to the difficulty of moving it. On the other hand, it offered an interior unequalled in the market, with a free height of 1.95 meters and a cabin in which to live without missing the smallest detail.

Undoubtedly a very different concept to which we are accustomed to the manufacturers of caravans. An idea that Hobby has defended and presented at fairs but has not quite fit in terms of sales. If you have thought about it better and want to find a Hobby Landhaus you will not have it easy.

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What I didn’t like is that it was not repaired, it had white tape covering the blows that previous users had given it, some blinds were hard, the window locks were hard, and one interior door didn’t work. In short, they have to repair them well between users even though they spend time. It is also true that we saw it as it was, with the white ribbons, and we accepted it. Then I regretted not having demanded one in perfect condition.

We have acquired a motorhome for our rental company and the treatment has been excellent. Carolina, super nice, has solved all our doubts and has been great. We will surely deal with her again.

Camper rental. They did us the favor of delivering before 16h (on request), which we were very grateful. Perhaps for delivering before they missed to check some things (radio does not work, main cylinder almost finished), but they forgive themselves for having been able to leave earlier and gain a few hours.

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The treatment was impeccable, both when we called to ask if they could fix it and during the repair. The staff was charming and very professional and the value for money was unbeatable. We hope nothing else breaks, but if it does, we would not hesitate to come back. 100% recommended!

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They allow us to store user preference information to improve the quality of our services and to offer a better experience through recommended products. Some may be multi-device.

Vacation offersGetting out of our routine is essential to be able to disconnect from our day to day and taking a trip is the best way to take a breath of air, breathe outside our environment to feel in each destination the beat and rhythm of life.

Taking advantage of vacation offers to make a stop in our routine allows us to immerse ourselves in the discovery of a new destination that will give us a new adventure to our life or allow us to relive the experience of traveling again to our favorite destination.

We can take advantage of a travel offer to make a getaway of a few days that allows us to disconnect as a great trip and delve into the culture and way of life of the destination we visit.

What does a caravan starter pack include?
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