What does cash generator buy?

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Cash accounting consists of recognizing cash only when it is received and not when it is earned. Revenue from credit accounts is not included in cash accounting until it is in the business account. The accounting for payment of expenses occurs when the business pays them, not when they occur.

Because of inaccuracies in cash accounting, a business may not look good to potential investors if cash flow is poor or if there are many eye-catching expenses. These problems can also lead to other difficulties, such as those related to finance and banking, most businesses prefer not to use cash accounting, opting instead to use the accrual method of accounting to maintain business accounts.

Cash-generating assets example

Therefore, when the accounting records show the assets, at values higher than their “real value”, then there is an impairment of the assets and we must recognize an impairment loss.

Fair value less costs necessary to make the sale is the amount that could be obtained from the sale of the asset after deducting the expenses in order to sell it (e.g. some preparation or cleaning of the assets prior to the sale).

The impairment loss is calculated as the carrying amount of the CGU of the asset or less asset or the recoverable amount of the CGU. If it is not possible to calculate the recoverable amount of an individual asset, the recoverable amount of the entire CGU should be calculated and impairment losses determined for the entire CGU.

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If an impairment loss exists for the CGU then it should be allocated to all individual assets. Therefore, if you calculated the impairment loss for the entire pizzeria, then you must allocate this loss to its individual assets, including the pizza oven.

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The second final provision of Royal Decree 1514/2007, of November 16, 2007, empowers the Minister of Economy and Finance, at the proposal of the Accounting and Auditing Institute and by ministerial order, to approve adaptations to the General Chart of Accounts by reason of the accounting subject.

The third standard, referring to the criteria for calculating the impairment of cash flow generating assets, refers to the provisions of the PGC, taking into account the development incorporated in section 2 of the second standard relating to the indications of impairment applicable to this type of asset.

The fourth standard establishes the criteria for calculating and accounting for the impairment of non-cash flow generating assets. This standard constitutes the main novelty for accounting purposes, which justifies the incorporation of the concept of “depreciated replacement cost” to replace the value in use of a non-cash flow generating asset.

What generator do I need for a welding machine?

If you are not sure what rate you need to purchase for your procedure, we can help you. Through simple questions our assistant will guide you until you find the rate you need to carry out your procedure.

In some of our online procedures it is possible to buy the fee at the time of the procedure. In the same way, if you are going to do the procedure in person, you will be able to buy the fee with any credit or debit card at the counter at the time of the procedure.

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If you are not sure of the fee you need to purchase for your transaction, we can help you. Through simple questions our virtual rate wizard will guide you until you find the rate you need.

2. Generate purchase estimate – Form 791 (‘Generate estimate’ option).  If you are going to buy the fees in a bank you can previously generate the budget and download in pdf the form 791 to deliver it directly to your bank.

5. Request for refund of a fee.  If you have paid a fee and you identify any anomaly or incident subject to claim (such as duplicity in the payment, the fee paid is higher than the one requested, the procedure was not subject to the fee or any other type of situation), you can request a refund of the amount of a fee you have paid.

What does cash generator buy?
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