What does Fidelity payment do?

What does Fidelity payment do?

Judicial Bonds

Abuse of trust – This crime occurs when one of the employees disposes for his use or for other persons, a movable property or money taking advantage of the trust of the employer by giving him the use of such property.

This bond is similar to the individual bond, except that here two or more employees chosen by the employer are included, either because they are more risky due to their activity or their background, these may be administrative or sales employees.

The amount is determined by the employer once he analyzes how many employees he needs to bond, the amount of money or goods handled by each one of them, or even take the one who handles the largest amount of money, he could also make the sum of all of them, or even put a specific amount for each one of them, for example 50,000, for each employee, if there are one hundred, then the bond would be for

Fidelity bonds

Loyalty programs have become a key tool for dealing with competition and consumer volatility. To be effective, your loyalty program must be backed by a strategy.

Depending on the program, these units can be obtained from an independent merchant, from merchants in the same chain or from several participating merchants. They allow the consumer to redeem these units for rewards, such as free goods or services or discounts.

Research shows that a loyal customer brings in 10 times more than a new customer. So loyalty programs help you identify your best customers and track their purchases.

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For example, if you decide to use loyalty cards, you can recognize the customer and track their purchase behavior, you will have their profile data, which will allow you to give them personalized attention and earn their loyalty and trust.

Customer loyalty is a source of growth for companies, and this obviously depends on the degree of satisfaction achieved. A consumer who is satisfied with your product and service, and with the relationship with your company, will be more likely to recommend you.

Loyalty program what it is

Loyalty programs can help increase customer loyalty by rewarding customers for their interactions with the retailer’s brand. In Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can set up simple or complex loyalty programs that apply across all legal entities in any Commerce channel. This topic describes the loyalty capabilities within Commerce and the corresponding configuration steps to help retailers easily get started with their loyalty programs.

Price groups are used to create and manage prices and discounts for products. Set up price groups that include discounts that apply to loyalty programs.

Commerce channels are stores that participate in loyalty programs, such as physical stores, online stores or call centers. You must configure the channels before you can assign loyalty programs to them.

Date ranges provide a flexible way to define the duration that applies to loyalty levels. Use date ranges to specify how long a customer can remain in a tier or how much time they have to perform an activity to qualify for a tier.

Administrative bonds

You can customize your Loyalty program in order to incentivize the best possible customer interactions. Your customers can earn one point per transaction, per item purchased or every time they spend a certain amount. However, at the moment it is only possible to set up a Loyalty rule to earn points per transaction.

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If the customer is completing their transaction with the payment card that is associated with their Loyalty profile, they will automatically be shown the available rewards during the checkout process. Once the rewards are redeemed or skipped, you can continue with the checkout process as usual. At the moment, it is available for payments processed on Square Register, Square Terminal and the Square Point of Sale App for iOS and Android devices.

Customers can apply multiple rewards of the same or different types to the same transaction. The use of multiple rewards is available only on iOS devices and, at this time, there is no option available to limit rewards to a maximum of one per transaction.

What does Fidelity payment do?
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